lost in my own translation (hasp's cousin's wedding)

yesterday it was hasp's cousin's wedding..
taken i will be meeting his dad's side of family, it's a big step for us and our relationship..
i seriously did try to look my best..
berhubung pacarannya sama hasp, he doesn't care about my looks, as long as i'm not bald kali yaaa hehe..
so the whole entire saturday i waxed, plucked, scrubbed, and painted..
udah kaya pelem ms. congeniality haha :)

then the day came, i wasn't that nervous lah..
i mean all this years nemenin ayah with his friends, presenting myself has become a piece of cake, and making a lasting impression should come naturally (i hope)..

hasp's route that day was depok-cikini-depok-cengkareng-depok-cikini-depok..
hahaha kalo ditotalin the trip that he has to make that day bisa nyampe bandung kali yaaa?
so the first depok-cikini was to pick me up..
depok-cengkareng was getting to the place..
cengkareng-depok is from the place back to hasp's house..
depok-cikini is to take me home..
cikini-depok is the last trip to his house..

i got picked up at 5 AM, nyampe rumahnya hasp jam 6 AMish..
brangkat dari depok at 7 AMish, nyampe 8 AMish..
baru nyampe, salam sama uaknya yg paling tua langsung disuruh duduk..
i thought the interrogation process was gonna be later, like way later after the wedding yaaaa..
dimulai dengan pertanyaan boru apa? jawab: boru pohan..
pohan mana? jawab: engga tahu (emang beneran ga tau, baru tahu pohan ada macem2nya haha)
langsung mulai diajak pake bahasa batak.. jawab: ga ngerti (i think i speak english more fluently than indonesian malahan haha)
uaknya berkesimpulan "ahh sama aja kau kayak si hekal".. jawab: hehe..

hasp saved me, told me to sit inside with all the ladies..
but every time his uncle would pass me, he'd always make some kind of remarks about boru pohan..
daripada gw ditorment about all of this batak stuff that i can't comprehend..
i SMSed ibuuu: "mom i'm at heikhal's cousin's wedding, ditanyain pohan mana, siregar mana, pane mana..MANAKETEHE..!!"
dibales sama ibu: "pohan dari bagaslombang sipirok, siregar pasirampolu pargarutan, pane sibadoar sipirok.."
i told him about all of this marga stuff and he started explaining silsilah keluarga..
ompung gw aja crita gw ga ngerti2 (its boh-ring yawnlicious topic!!) apalagi ini, i just nodded my head in (pura2) comprehension ahha..

talking to his other uncle was easier (i think!)..
hasp' mom told me that he had studied 8 years in France and even his first kid was born there..
she told him i can speak french..
the last time i spoke french was in CCF class, the last time i was fluent was in elementary school (brapa abad yg lalu itu??)..
i seriously need to brush up on my french..
out of the blue him and his wife tested my french *gulp*
i can't spell out the conversations since my french is that old haha, but what i can tell u is that the questions was figurable and i answered in good though not perfect french *secara dibenerin kadang2 haha*..
atleast i passed the 'french test'..

blue butterfly, french manicured nails :)

after the wedding is done, bagi2 souvenir..
sama hasp dipilihin yang warna biru khusus lhoo awww so sweet bebuuuu :)
walaupun ya ngasihnya gaya batak *dilempar* "nih aku pilihin buat kamu, kamu suka biru khan"..
mingling with his cousin is omg, they're loud, obnoxious, typical bataknese family bgt lah..
they made fun of each other, even me, but i can't comment back huuuu ga acii..
thus it was a very tiring day..

today my mom called, she said "ngapain ke kawinan batak, tapi ga tau apa2!!", "dasar anak batak amerika"..
aduh ibuuu plis deh, my childhood is colorful as it is, perlu ya backgroundku lebih colorful lagi??
as the mother hen she asked how it went and what else had happened..
laughed at the remarks i made and the comments they made..
dengan sok PDnya i said "maybe they were impressed mom.."
she said "ya iyalah, in jakarta, especially you kids grew up out of the village, and you both ended up dating bataknese, that's so rare kakak.."

iya sih..
my story is very colorful, ethnics apa, lahir dimana, grow up dimana, nationality apa..
ga ada yg sinkron..
without my mom's visions on what she want for her kids..
i'd probably another diplomat's kids lost in translation, barely speaking indo and not in touch with my own roots..

seriously, during that whole interrogation process i can't help but be thankful..
thankful for all the time my mother pushed me, she obviously wanted me to be better and bolder..
maybe those pushes did make me better, maybe even bolder..
but all i know that it helps to make a lasting impression :)


gisca said...

seruuu san ceritanya
gw tertawa2 sendirir..hehehe :)

SaSHa said...

ah gisca, kamu membacanya tertawa2..
coba ngalamin dulu deh..
untung ya emak gw masi bisa di reach by sms kalo gaaa MATI AWAK..