damage's done so I guess I be leaving..

my 'damages' i manage to pick up at the mall yesterday:

pic from here
born lippy in passionberry

my maybelline is finished, trus pengen try something new..
but lipbalm-y not glossy..
did my research and i picked born lippy from body shop..
the lipbalm doesn't give off color so it doesn't matter what you choose, except ada beberapa yang pake shimmer..
might wanna steer clear off them, you don't want bling bling-y lips khan?
passionberry yang milih hasp, i like to involve him in my shopping spree, asking for his opinions or whatever lah so he feels relevant and needed..
oh the male ego :P

pic from here
mamma mia! the movie soundtrack

i like the movie, i love the music so i picked up the CD..
thank god for indonesian edition CD so the price was only Rp. 55k :)
pas dengerin di mobil cuman sampe nomer 12 out of 17..
abis itu disuruh ganti sama Hasp, katanya dia pusing..
how unsensitive!

pic from here

sea-quill omega 3 salmon

this is my daily intake of the 'good and healthy stuff' and i ran out..
one bottle contains 100 soft gel capsules and since i take one a day, it last for around 3 months..
it was on sale :) so i saved money-oo..

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