Fish&Co and Cream&Fudge

buat buka puasa terakhir, kami makan di Fish&Co, Pacific Place..

prawn fettucine, philadelphia fish&chips..

sharkie big freeze

rasa makanannya? kata mereka2 yang makan fish&chipsnya sih hambar, jadi kulit fish&chipsnya tuh 'berasa' tapi dalemnya hambar jadi terpaksa dicocol2in sambel, garem, merica baru ada rasa..
kalo prawn fettucinenya sih lumayan enak, prawnnya banyak benerrrr, rasanya lumayah sih tapi masih lebih enak fettucinenya Pisa Cafe yang di sebrang Theresia hehe..
my bro ordered this big ass drink called sharkie big freeze, which is basically sirop markisa dibikin slush, gelasnya gedeeeeeeee bgt ukuran 1L kayaknya *soktau.com*, worth it ga ya dengan Rp 35.000?

dessertnya cream&fudge, makan di kapal2..

i ordered rocky road, kata mbak2nya ga ada marshmallow, ya udahlah ya dah kadung pengen..
rasanya? regretting ga beli gelatissimo disebrang yang jelas lebih punya rasa and lower in fat deh..



Oprah on men

i received this through an e-mail from Maya..
i've read this somewhere before in a bulletin board or other place i can't remember..
katanya sih Oprah yang nulis/bilang but there's no accurate fact on that statement..
in the mean while, ENJOY :)

If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away..
If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay..
Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior..
Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache..

Stop trying to change yourself for a relationship that's
not meant to be..
Slower is better..
Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy..

If a relationship ends because the man was not treating
you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends"..
A friend
wouldn't mistreat a friend..
Don't settle..

If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is..
Don't stay because you think "it will get better"..
You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better..
The only person you can control in a relationship is you..

Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women..
He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, why would he treat you any differently?

Always have your own set of friends separate from his..

Maintain boundaries in how a guy treats you..
If something
bothers you, speak up..!!

Never let a man know everything..
He will use it against you later..

You cannot change a man's behavior..
Change comes from within..

Don't EVER make him feel he is more important than you are..
Even if he has more education or in a better job..
Do not make him into a quasi-god..
He is a man, nothing more nothing less..

Never let a man define who you are
Never borrow someone else's man..
If he cheated with you, he'll cheat on you..
A man will only treat you the way you ALLOW him to treat you..

All men are NOT dogs..
You should not be the one doing all the bending..
Compromise is two way street..

You need time to heal between relationships..

There is nothing cute about baggage..
Deal with your issues before pursuing a new relationship..

You should never look for someone to COMPLETE you..
A relationship consists of two WHOLE individuals..
Look for someone complimentary...not supplementary..

Dating is fun...even if he doesn't turn out to be Mr. Right.

Make him miss you sometimes... when a man always know
where you are, and you're always readily available to him - he takes it for granted..
Never move into his mother's house..
Never co-sign for a man..

Don't fully commit to a man who doesn't give you everything that you need..
Keep him in your radar but get to know others..
Scared of being alone is what makes a lot of women stay in relationships that are abusive or hurtful..

You should know that:

You're the best thing that could ever happen to anyone and if a man mistreats you, he'll miss out on a good thing..
If he
was attracted to you in the 1st place, just know that he's not the only one..
They're all watching you, so you have a lot of choices..
Make the right one..
Ladies take care of your own hearts..
Share this with other women and men (just so they know)..
You'll make someone smile, another rethink his/her choices, and another woman prepare, and a man beware..


Laskar Pelangi

pic from here

this afternoon, me and my bros watched Laskar Pelangi di Blitz Megaplex, Mall of Indonesia (new mall in Kelapa Gading people!!)..
tumben nonton di Blitz khan?
hehe this is an exceptional case because well this movie is adapted from a book, which has been a bestseller and i heard that it's going to be translated into a foreign language..
so i kinda hoped it will be GOOD..
the cast playing in this movie are senior actors whom undoubtedly has talents unlike artis jadi2an lainnnya (siluman kali san!)

the reason i wanted to watch in Blitz was the popcorn, i heard they had big portion size of popcorn but since i'm fasting *sigh* there was no way i can eat a popcorn..
the movie itself is very touchy i cried on some scenes *abis terhuraaaaaaaaa*, which makes my good deed for fasting uncounted for khan jadinya?
well Allah knows best =)

overall i'm very proud of this movie, not only it's originally pure Indonesian (the book, the movie, the cast) but also the storyline attached to it..
the moral of this movie is to value education because it allows you to dare to dream big, no matter how small your reality is..

oh ya buku ini dan tokoh2nya sempet ada di kick andy, ada 6 bagian kalo di youtube..
here1, here2, here3, here4, here5, and here6..

Spageddies, Sour Sally and J.Co

penne alfredo, spaghetti with meatballs

yesterday my lil bro (yg sebelum Davin) pulang dari ITB, nyampe rumah jam 1 pagi..
jadi pas sahur kaget gitu nambah warga rumah gw heheh..
so to treat the lil brother in exi
le (read: merantau), buka puasanya di senayan city lagi..
kenapa? because i want Sour Sally..
so we ate in Spageddies..

soup of the day: onion soup

garlic bread with cheese, pizza margherita

setelah itu makan dessertnya..SOUR SALLY hehe..
i ordered green tea medium with peach and kiwi, mi bro ordered original plain medium with nata de coco and strawberry..
sambil makan Sour Sally di 'fountain', eh ngeliat iklannya j.Co yg yogurt juga..
berhubung harganya cuman Rp. 15.000, nyoba deh..
rasanya? BEH JAUH enakan sour sally kemana2..

sour sally, j.Co

pulangnya ke Sogo Food Hall beli gantungan kunci yg kaya Naomi punya, bedanya mine is carrot..
abis gantung
an kunci yg donkey udah copot hix..

carrot keychain, tomato/apple pillow

i think i'm growing a collection of vegetable stuff ;P



I've been studying my eyeballs out for the last 3 days..
and have used the word 'blajar' in the positive sense oh too many times..
(biasanya khan ahhhhh males banget si blajar :P)
sampe hasp khawatir: 'kamu ditanyain lagi blajar mulu..' '..udah donk blajarnya ntar kepinteran lagi..'

wish me tons of luck..

tomorrow I'm entering the battle field at 8 AM..



if you're not the one..

18 September '08, 08:12 pm..

hasp: "jadi kamu tadi buka sama siapa aja?"
papo: "sendirian, abis abang blum pulang kuliah, ompung masih di bekasi"
hasp: "lho sendiri donk?"
papo: "ya iya abis mau gimana lagi.." *nada suara melemah tanda tak kuat hehe*
hasp: "ya khan ada aku yg nemenin"..bersamaan dengan kalimat hasp terakhir..

"guess what sexy you've got mail" *nada dering bunyi sms gw REALLY hehe!!*

papo: *buka hp ngecek message* isi message: gambar hati sebelahnya kirinya tulisan "YOU'RE NOT ALONE"

"And I cant stop caring about..About the apple of my eye" (Breathe Again-Toni Braxton)


Yogen Fruz

in the spirit of being addicted to fro-yo..
i decided to give Yogen Fruz a try (again)..
dulu udah pernah nyoba si, tapi dulu bener sama anggi yang rasa leci+strawberry..
so yesterday me, hasp and my bro ke plaza indo..
i bought a medium cup rasa strawberry dan kiwi..
bedanya sama sour sally, yogen fruz tuh toppingnya diblender langsung ke dalam yogurtnya..
kalo sour sally khan ditaro diatas yogurtnya bener2 sebagai topping..
well compared to sour sally, yogen fruz has a rougher texture, i think that's because of the fruit topping is frozen hence the texture (kecampur es khan)..
the taste itself is yumful :) cuman ya itu karena diblender jadinya agak2 bau mesin gitu fro-yo nya..
the fruit topping isn't drowned in syrup so there's no additional sweetness in your fro-yo just pure yogurt tang..
the price? Rp. 25.000 for a medium cup..
my bro tried the blueberry smoothie and the taste was pretty good as well, but don't expect a haagen dasz or baskin robin's kind of smoothie yang sangat milky and sweet ya..
this is an all natural, minimun calories, no additional sweetners kind of cool treat :)
for more info go to www.yogenfruz.com


fill in the _____

I'm tired of: unnecessary nagging
I am listening to: NOTHING
Maybe I should: study more and complain less
I wish: my mini thesis was asexual so it would do itself
Chocolate is: DELISH, one is never enough!
I have lost my respect for: dry, bitter, rustic people
Last ate: nasgor
The meaning of my display name is: err my nickname
Someday: i'm gonna paint the world in rainbow colors, thru the things that comes from my heart
Love is: weird, i still don't get what it is
My Space is: private, cozy, childish yet soothing in a sentimental way :)
Yesterday: i hit heikhal so many times i public :P
Tomorrow: i have to apply for my comprehension test
Are you wearing pajamas? oh just the bottoms
Last beverage? water
Last phone call? when i just woke up i called hasp
Last time you cried? lupita
Lost someone close? insya allah not in the near future
List 2 favorite colors: baby blue and ash gray
Made a new friend? yes baking is my new friend nowadays
Fallen out of love? once upon a time, but i plan to drown in my puddle of love now he
Laughed until you almost cried? no
Met someone who changed your life? insya allah
Is there something you want to tell someone? MYOB
What's the most interesting thing that happened to you today? i lost my voice this morning couldn't even say hello
Whats your favorite number? 8
What is your current mood? cheery
Last people you hung out with? abang heikhal jelek gendud
whats the color of the shirt your wearing? blue green
Who's car were you in last? mine
What color is your hair? pitch black
If you could have one thing right now what would it be? a tough wall within me ready to face whatever is trying to hit me
When is your birthday? may 23rd 1986
How do you feel about your hair right now? i blow dried it straight yesterday for the sake of good ol' times hehe
What are you excited about? COMPRE
How is your life? fulfilled and content


Bubur Cikini, Pizza Hut and Sour Sally

tadi setelah buka puasa dengan bubur ayam cikini donk *yang di depan Pasar Rias Cikini seberang KFC*..
i am so keukeuh untuk makan meal yang bener di mall..

jalanlah kami *hasp, my bro and me* ke Senayan City..

i got full after makan bubur so i didn't feel like eating anymore..
but my bro and hasp masih laper..
rencananya sih ke Sushi Tei tapiiiiiiiiiii malem minggu antriannya DAHSYAT!!

akhirnya malah makan Pizza Hut..

seru deh malem minggu di senayan city ada tarian papua keliling gitu, jadinya rame, suasananya jadi CERIA..

pic from here

trus ngantri deh di Sour Sally..
tokonya kecil, tapi ngantri bow, yg ngantri rata2 cewe tauk knapa *kalo kata hasp abis khan cewe pengennya makan banyak tapi ga mau naik brat badannya*
pas ngantri didepan gw ada cewe titisan
chinta lowrah *ga mungkin turunan khan cinta belum berketurunan haha* abis mesennya pake logat english skali "mas saya mau yang small orijinel pleyn toppingnya strowberrih" gitu..
wow gw terkesima, i know i like to talk in english too mpe si ncill bilang "san roaming san roaming" but i order in a normal indonesian tone kok *SUNGGUH*

and i tasted my fro-yo *i ordered small original plain with kiwi topping* dan it tasted good..
kayak yogurt plain tapi manis dibuat jadi bentuk es krim gitu..
pengen nyoba yang green tea deh tapi takut kuciwa abis khan harganya ga murah2 amat..

Sour Sally is 100% Indonesian lho, I thought it's a franchise..
tapi ternyata ya itu, idenya nyontek Pinkberry yang udah dahulu terkenal di luar sana..

but the website is quite cute kok..
check it out at www.hellosoursally.com and compare it with www.pinkberry.com

Hungry Girl & Eat, Pray and Love

yesterday i bought these two books in Toko Gunung Agung..


Hungry Girl is a recipe book but unlike other recipe book, this one's motto is to "have your cake, eat your pizza, your nachos and still fit into your jeans!"

Basically it still encourages you to eat but with moderate amounts of calories..
The reason I bought this book is because I really want to start eating healthy, I realize that my body is my temple and there is no going back once the damage has been done..
Since I'm in control of the grocery shopping, why not control what I eat at the same time right?

Oh the one thing that I don't agree in eating low-fat, lean meat, sugar-free stuff or anything natural that has gone through a process to lessened its calories/fat/whatever!!
I mean who are you kidding?
You can fake the taste in your mouth but your body will know that it's not the real thing so once your body is breaking it down and realizes that it doesn't contain all the right amount of fat/calories, it's going to crave more of that substance and in the long run that's going to ruin your digestive system *ini menurut kesimpulan gw dari yg gw baca2 di reader's digest, feel free to disagree or have other opinions instead HECK IT'S A FREE COUNTRY*
So if you want to eat it but don't want the whole calories then fine get a bite or two, but if you're that scared of the calories then don't eat it at all..
But also read this: "Whipped Cream Catastrophe - That big, scary squirt of whipped cream can add as much as 130 calories and 12 grams of fat to your drink. What a silly idea that is!" *pantesan Nicole Richie kalo beli Starbucks ga pernah pake whipped cream, SOKTAUTINGKATTINGGI.com*
Jadi harusnya agak mikir donk kalo mesen frap pas ditanya "pake whipped cream ga mbak?" jawabnya apa yaaaaaaaaaa? hahahah..

Let's move on to the next book, shall we?


I bought this book because I saw the author in an episode of Oprah..
It's Elizabeth Gilbert's journey throughtout three countries: Italy, India and Indonesia..
She was 30ish, married now trying to have a baby, lived in a big house, ya intinya hidup dia ya the portayal of a happy 30-ish years old deh..
But for quite sometimes at 3 AM she'd sob on her bathroom floor, dalam hati kecilnya dia tau she doesn't want to be married anymore, she doesn't want to have a baby, she doesn't even want to live in her big house anymore..
BINGUNG KHAN? masak have it all tapi ga mau?
Then she started praying dan hatinya mulai bersuara..
She went through a nasty divorce *ngebahas pembagian harta gono gini melulu*, malahan dalam proses perceraiannya she had an affair tapi itu pun ga berlangsung lama..
Trus dia akhirnya ke Italy kenapa? Because she wanted to learn Italian, jadi dia mulai dengerin kata hatinya..
Trus ke India, karena pasangan affairnya *apakah ini istilah yang tepat san?* punya guru spriitual dan ternyata si guru spiritualnya itu punya ashram di India..
Because she's in need of a desperate amount of spirituality, ke sana lah dia..
Terakhir Indonesia, ke Bali *ya iyalah kalo ke Jakarta mah bukannya malah complete journey dia, malahan adanya malah tambah amburadul!!* she's a writer in a magazine and she had this task of visiting a ninth-generation medicine man..
Trus si medicine man ini named Ketut Liyer, baca tangannya bilang beberapa fakta yang benar tentang hidupnya trus he said that she should stay in Bali for three or four months even stay with his family..
That way they can both benefit from each other, Elizabeth bisa nemuin apalah itu yg missing dari hidupnya, dan medicine man bisa punya temen to practice English with..
and when she last expected it, di Bali dia menemukan CINTA *co cwiit, beginilah mbaca review buku/pelemnya Sandra, there must be a love lesson/morale squeezed in there somewhere, I'm a hopeless romantic ya'll :)*


i'm my father's daughter

Ternyata Ayah itu menakjubkan

Ayah ingin anak-anaknya punya lebih banyak kesempatan daripada dirinya, menghadapi lebih sedikit kesulitan, lebih tidak tergantung pada siapapun - dan (tapi) selalu membutuhkan kehadirannya.

Ayah hanya menyuruhmu mengerjakan pekerjaan yang kamu sukai.
Ayah membiarkan kamu menang dalam permainan ketika kamu masih kecil, tapi dia tidak ingin kamu membiarkannya menang ketika kamu sudah besar. *he did that when he taught me how to play chess :)*
Ayah tidak ada di album foto keluarga, karena dia yang selalu memotret.
Ayah selalu tepat janji!

Dia akan memegang janjinya untuk membantu seorang teman, meskipun ajakanmu untuk pergi memancing sebenarnya lebih menyenangkan.
Ayah akan tetap memasang kereta api listrik mainanmu selama bertahun-tahun, meskipun kamu telah bosan, karena ia tetap ingin kamu main kereta api itu. *he remembered i once liked 101 dalmatians so he bought me one dalmatian doll when i was in junior high haha*

Ayah selalu sedikit sedih ketika melihat anak-anaknya pergi bermain dengan teman-teman mereka karena dia sadar itu adalah akhir masa kecil mereka.

Ayah mulai merencanakan hidupmu ketika tahu bahwa ibumu hamil (mengandungmu) , tapi begitu kamu lahir, ia mulai membuat revisi.
Ayah membantu membuat impianmu jadi kenyataan bahkan diapun bisa meyakinkanmu untuk melakukan hal-hal yang mustahil, seperti mengapung di atas air setelah ia melepaskanya. *taught me to bike, skate, and everytime i fell down, he reassured me that it doesn't hurt*

Ayah mungkin tidak tahu jawaban segala sesuatu, tapi ia membantu kamu mencarinya.
Ayah mungkin tampak galak di matamu, tetapi di mata teman-temanmu dia tampak lucu dan menyayangi. *NOT AT ALL*
Ayah sulit menghadapi rambutnya yang mulai menipis jadi dia menyalahkan tukang cukurnya menggunting terlalu banyak di puncak kepala. *he's 55 embracing all of his white hairs just fine*

Ayah akan selalu memelihara janggut lebatnya, meski telah memutih, agar kau bisa “melihat” para malaikat bergelantungan di sana dan agar kau selalu bisa mengenalinya.
Ayah selalu senang membantumu menyelesaikan PR, kecuali PR matematika terbaru.
Ayah lambat mendapat teman, tapi dia bersahabat seumur hidup Ayah benar-benar senang membantu seseorang tapi ia sukar meminta bantuan.
Ayah terlalu lama menunda untuk membawa mobil ke bengkel, karena ia merasa dapat memperbaiki sendiri segalanya.

Ayah di dapur membuat memasak seperti penjelajahan ilmiah.
Dia punya rumus-rumus dan formula racikannya sendiri, dan hanya dia sendiri yang mengerti bagaimana menyelesaikan persamaan-persamaan rumit itu.
Dan hasilnya? mmmmhhh tidak terlalu mengecewakan.

Ayah akan sesumbar, bahwa dirinyalah satu-satunya dalam keluarga yang dapat memasak tumis kangkung rasa barbecue grill. *he claims he can cook, sew, build a house, a boat, once a speedracer, a lot of different stuff haha*
Ayah mungkin tidak pernah menyentuh sapu ketika masih muda, tapi ia bisa belajar dengan cepat.

Ayah sangat senang kalau seluruh keluarga berkumpul untuk makan malam walaupun harus makan dalam remangnya lilin karena lampu mati.
Ayah paling tahu bagaimana mendorong ayunan cukup tinggi untuk membuatmu senang tapi tidak takut.

Ayah akan memberimu tempat duduk terbaik dengan mengangkatmu dibahunya, ketika pawai lewat. *the best daddy will lift you, up to his shoulders*
Ayah tidak akan memanjakanmu ketika kamu sakit, tapi ia tidak akan tidur semalaman. Siapa tahu kamu membutuhkannya. *no he put me on his chest, biar sakitnya pindah ke ayah aja katanya*
Ayah menganggap orang itu harus berdiri sendiri, jadi dia tidak mau memberitahumu apa yang harus kamu lakukan, tapi ia akan menyatakan rasa tidak setujunya.
Ayah percaya orang harus tepat waktu karena itu dia selalu lebih awal menunggumu di depan rumah dengan sepeda tuanya, untuk mengantarkanmu dihari pertama masuk sekolah.

Ia akan melupakan apa yang ia inginkan, agar bisa memberikan apa yang kamu butuhkan.
Ia membiarkan orang-orangan sawahmu memakai sweater kesayangannya. *always ready to hand me his hankerchief and to keep it for myself*
Ia membelikanmu lollipop merk baru yang kamu inginkan, dan ia akan menghabiskannya kalau kamu tidak suka.
Ia menghentikan apa saja yang sedang dikerjakannya, kalau kamu ingin bicara.

Ia selalu berfikir dan bekerja keras untuk membayar spp mu tiap semester, meskipun kamu tidak pernah membantunya menghitung berapa banyak kerutan di dahinya. *I'M SO SORRY DADDY*
Bahkan dia akan senang hati mendengarkan nasehatmu untuk menghentikan kebiasaan merokoknya. *didengarkan doank tapinya haha*
Ayah mengangkat beban berat dari bahumu dengan merengkuhkan tangannya disekeliling beban itu. *no worries katanya selalu*

Ayah akan berkata “tanyakan saja pada ibumu”
Ketika ia ingin berkata “tidak” *because its always better to be the good guy*
Ayah tidak pernah marah, tetapi mukanya akan sangat merah padam ketika anak gadisnya menginap di rumah teman tanpa izin.
Dan diapun hampir tidak pernah marah, kecuali ketika anak lelakinya kepergok menghisap rokok dikamar mandi.
Ayah mengatakan “tidak apa-apa mengambil sedikit resiko asal kamu sanggup kehilangan apa yang kamu harapkan”

Pujian terbaik bagi seorang ayah adalah ketika dia melihatmu melakukan sesuatu persis seperti caranya.
Ayah lebih bangga pada prestasimu, daripada prestasinya sendiri. *and he's a lot of things already*
Ayah hanya akan menyalamimu ketika pertama kali kamu pergi merantau meningalkan rumah, karena kalau dia sampai memeluk mungkin ia tidak akan pernah bisa melepaskannya.

Ayah mengira seratus adalah tip..
Seribu adalah uang saku..
Gaji pertamamu terlalu besar untuknya..
Ayah tidak suka meneteskan air mata.
ketika kamu lahir dan dia mendengar kamu menangis untuk pertama kalinya, dia sangat senang sampai-sampai keluar air dari matanya.

(ssst..tapi sekali lagi ini bukan menangis)

Ketika kamu masih kecil, ia bisa memelukmu untuk mengusir rasa takutmu ketika kau mimpi akan dibunuh monster.
tapi ternyata dia bisa menangis dan tidak bisa tidur sepanjang malam, ketika anak gadis kesayangannya di rantau tak memberi kabar selama hampir satu bulan.

Kalau tidak salah ayah pernah berkata: ”kalau kau ingin mendapatkan pedang yang tajam dan berkwalitas tinggi, janganlah mencarinya dipasar apalagi tukang loak, tapi datang dan pesanlah langsung dari pandai besinya.”
Begitupun dengan cinta dan teman dalam hidupmu,jika kau ingin mendapatkan cinta sejatimu kelak, maka minta dan pesanlah pada
Yang Menciptakannya”

Untuk masa depan anak lelakinya Ayah berpesan: “Jadilah lebih kuat dan tegar daripadaku, pilihlah ibu untuk anak-anakmu kelak wanita yang lebih baik dari ibumu, berikan yang lebih baik untuk menantu dan cucu-cucuku, daripada apa yang yang telah ku beri padamu”

Dan untuk masa depan anak gadisnya ayah berpesan: ”Jangan cengeng meski kau seorang wanita, jadilah selalu bidadari kecilku dan bidadari terbaik untuk ayah anak-anakmu kelak! Laki-laki yang lebih bisa melindungimu melebihi perlindungan Ayah, tapi jangan pernah kau gantikan posisi Ayah di hatimu”

Ayah bersikeras, bahwa anak-anakmu kelak harus bersikap lebih baik daripada kamu dulu.
Ayah bisa membuatmu percaya diri
karena ia percaya padamu.
Ayah tidak mencoba menjadi yang terbaik, tapi dia hanya mencoba melakukan yang terbaik.
Dan terpenting adalah
Ayah tidak pernah menghalangimu untuk mencintai Tuhan, bahkan dia akan membentangkan seribu jalan agar kau dapat menggapai cintaNya, karena diapun mencintaimu karena cintaNya.

Ternyata ayah itu benar-benar MENAKJUBKAN. Sayangilah Ayahmu juga Ibumu.

Reference: “The Wonder Of Dad” - Phillys Hobe


Excerpts of my dad's email..


Do not worry too much, if you can not finish your study on the time your
friends do. Every one has his/her own priorities, way of life, schedule
etc. Trust your self to make the best decision.


I finished my study in 6 years, plus 2 years in-training program as
journalist. That's OK, it has advantageous too. There is no guarantee
that people who finish their studies earlier are more successful! Some of
my classmates at ***** finished theirs in 4,5 years (the program was 5
years), but most of them are yet to reach **********.

Since your the oldest in the family, do not forget to care of your
brothers. Be a good example and have positive thinking.

Happy Ramadhan


"And thats why I want my unborn son to be like my daddy..I want my husband to be like my daddy..There is no one else like my daddy and I thank you for lovin me" (Beyonce-Daddy)


my affair with baking

people might wonder why a girl like me (oh those lovely labels attached to me) like to bake?
why bother to bake when you can buy right?

my affair with baking started off in junior high school..
during my senior year i decided to take a cooking class all to avoid ART CLASS..
what's wrong with art?
well my teacher which i had during the 7th and 8th grade, Mrs. Hans was MEAN, she made sure we all bought the correct art supply, criticized our sketches, nevertheless she killed my artistic side!!
i am oh so very glad i found out sooner (than later!) that i had no art skill whatsoever :)

my teacher in cooking class (i seriously forgot her name!) was nice, the only homework we all had to do was rewrite the recipe in a notebook..
the class was fun, we get to bring our 'results' home (well actually they all were gone by the time we hit homeroom, diminta2in bo!)
well out of cooking and baking altogether, i liked baking more because i get to decorate..
you see underneath this 22 years old body, there's still a 5 years old inside :)

but actually during that time, i was a dumb baker (GOBLOG TO THE MAX), everything i made from scratch failed HAHA..
sampe cookies beku yg tinggal dipotong trus panggang aja GOSONG..

those were the days..

i got to revive my baking days because of HASP, sometime in may he mentioned that his mom made macaroni schotel, i asked if he had an oven..
he said that his mom had the little one, the size of a microwave..
i didn't believe him at first until i checked out the mini oven section in carrefour and there it was my BABY i bought it right away because the price seemed pretty reasonable..

HASP has been really supportive testing my cooking and baking, so far he has just once mocked my failed french macaroons as EMPING *nyebelin lo gendud*
but other than that he's one happy client..

i've been his cookie supplier for a while now, yesterday he ran out of cookies and minta yg ada pisangnya..
so i made him some banana chocolate chip cookies, i got the recipe from here..

"Still i wonder why it is I don't argue like this with anyone but you.." (Corrine Bailey Rae - Like a Star)


potential theme song?

I can wash out forty-four pairs of socks
And have them hangin' out on the line
I can starch and iron two dozen shirts
Before you can count from one to nine
I can scoop up a great big dipper
Full of lard from the drippin's can
Throw it in the skillet, go out and do my
Shopping and be back before it melts in the pan
'Cause I'm a woman
I'll say it again

I can rub and scrub till this old house
Is shinin' like a dime
Feed the baby, grease the car and
Powder my face at the same time.
Get all dressed up, go out and swing
Till four a.m. and then
Lay down at five, jump up at six
And start all over again.
'Cause I'm a woman
I'll say it again

If you come to me sickly, you know
I'm gonna make you well
If you come to me hexed up,
You know I'm gonna break the spell
If you come to me hungry,
You know I'm gonna fill you full o' grits
If it's lovin' you're lackin', I'll kiss you
And give you the shiverin' fits.
'Cause I'm a woman
I'll say it again

I can stretch a greenback dollar bill
From here to kingdom come
I can play the numbers, pay my bills
And still end up with some
I got a twenty dollar gold piece says
There ain't nothin' I can't do
I can make a dress out of a feed bag
And I can make a man out of you
'Cause I'm a woman
I'll say it again

'Cause I'm a woman
And that's all


Ben & Jerry's

My first encounter with Ben & Jerry's ice cream was in New York, I've lived there for almost 4 years and grocery shopping is always heaven :)

I don't know why but I've always bought Phish Food and only Phish Food, well maybe the light version on some random occasion *nyadar berat badan-mode*

Since I've moved back to Jakarta I kinda did miss my Ben & Jerry's, they always come up with the weirdest but yummiest idea for ice cream blend..

Luckily now most the supermarket bule as I refer them such as Sogo Food Hall, Ranch Market, Kem Chicks and many small stores through out Jakarta sell them..

The price ranges from Rp 55.000 to Rp 70.000 per pint..

I consider myself a big fan because I keep wanting to try new flavors, I mean so far I have three pints of Mint Chocolate Chunk, Half Baked and Oatmeal Cinnamon waiting in my freezer ready to be eaten anytime :D

And so far I've tried:

Mint Chocolate Chunk
Phish Food
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Peanut Butter Cup
Pistachio Pistachio
Half Baked
Karamel Sutra
Oatmeal Cookie Chunk
Chubby Hubby
Chocolate Fudge Brownie
New York Super Fudge Chunk
Cinnamon Buns

SAHUR or not?

went to bed at 11ish..

woke up at 2am to unplug the charger..

slept like a baby..

then woke up because of the sunshine at 5:40am..

i missed sahur *STUPID ALARM DIDN'T RING*

but alhamdulillah went through the day fasting just fine :)



i got my outline done in a day, using the topic that's been lingering for three months now with new additional subject to talk about..

thank u willy & fitria :D i owe u both BIG TIME



so yesterday I organized a get together in the theme of the holy month Ramadan or better know as buka puasa bersama..
this year I got to improve my cooking and baking skill, so instead of getting the phone and call delivery like I did last year, I did my own cooking, let's hope I can cook nasi uduk next year *amin!*

* Appetizer: Sausages with BBQ sauce, Nuggets, Fries
* Main Course: Spaghetti, Creamy Baked Pasta
* Dessert: Vanilla Cuppies, Banana Pudding
* Beverage: It's basically Sprite then you add some Sunquick *add moderately* and slices of Valencia oranges

what stole the crowd was the banana pudding, at first they were like "what is that?", I reassured them that it's awesomely good, I mean it's HASP's favorite (I've made this over 5 times for him)..

Since Fitria was the one standing closest to me, I got her a lil' bowl and filled a scoop full of banana pudding, then Ricky exclaimed that he knows this dessert, he's seen in on TV and can't believe I can make it..

The rest is history in the dishwasher :)

Rifo: "San ini krim2 apa?"
Me: "Itu namanya Banana Pudding"
Rifo: "Kok pudding? Mana puddingnya?"
Me: "Ya itu American Pudding emang begitu bentuknya"
Rifo: "Oh gitu ya"

Ricky: "San how do u make this"
Me: "Basically aer es 1.5 cup lo mix sama susu kental manis trus put vanilla jello in, leave it over night..then the next day u whip 3 cups of cream trus fold it in the pudding tinggal assemble 2 layers of biscuit *gw pake egg drops* sama 2 layers of banana trus a thick layer of pudding and do another layer like that"
Ricky: *ngomong ke Fitria* "Beb I know how to make this"
Ricky: "We should try cooking together..I cook the meal and u make dessert"

Salman: "San minta resepnya ya ntar.."
*a while later*
Salman: "San resepnya.."
*a while later*
Salman: "San resep.."
Me all in those three times: "Iya ntar!"



introducing my hasp :)

sha: "bang aku bikin blog donk.."
hasp: "ada foto akunya ga? ada tentang akunya ga?
sha: "ga lah orang baru bikin, ntar aja kalo mood, kalo kamu udah ga nyebelin"
hasp: "kok kamu gitu sih *mulai mutung*"

Punya pacar? - yes
Sejak kpn pacaran ma dia? - almost a year now
Merasa uda kenal dia luar dalem? - ya enough but u cant really know someone 100%
Kenapa milih dia? - because he came along as my karma against batak guys haha
Kenal keluarganya? - yes
Ortu km stuju hub kalian? - so far very good
Kalo ortunya? - ditto
Kalo dia ga syg kamu lg gimana? - yaaaaaaa jangan donk, tapi kalo mesti begitu ya gimana lagi..
Pernah putus nyambung ga? - alhamdulillah blum dan jangan please
Pendapat kamu ttg pacar? - my rock <3
Kamu sayang dia? - a lot
Yakin kalo dia bakal jadi pendampingmu? - insya allah
Kalo dia bohong ma kamu? - boongin balik *jamannya emansipasi skrg*
Kalo dia selingkuh? - make him cry about it and leave him
Kalo dia ngajak kawin? - ntar ya bang, lulus dulu deh
Kalo dia ngejar karir, ga mau kawin dulu? - goodbye my lover, my biological clock is ticking here!!
Kalo dia loser? - no must be a winner :)
Kalo ternyata dia homo? - ihhh sangat tidak mungkin, dia pecinta betina sejati, ayam betina aja bakal disosor sama dia *kata anggi hahaha*
Kalo dia suka marah? - ga ko sangat jarang skali dia marah, yg suka marah2 + ngambek2 khan gw :P
Kalo dia suka ngatur? - bang kamu cocok jadi tukang parkir deh kayaknya
Kalo ternyata dia make? - make apa? makeup? heheh..
Kalo dia pindah ke luar kota? - sedih, but whatever we must go thru, we'll go thru it
Kalo dia kerja di luar negri, kamu mau ikut ato tetep disini? - ikut kalo dah nikah
Kalo dia sahabat mantanmu? - ick, i dont like crossing roads between friendships and relationships, its too thin ice
Kalo dia masih sayang mantannya? - ga mungkin, he's loving me for me
Kamu kenal mantannya? - no
Kalo mantannya neror kamu? - haha been there done that
Kalo mantannya masi suka flirting & ngerayu pacar kamu utk mutusin kamu & kembali ke dia? - silence is gold, time shows its true meaning
Kalo ada orang lain yg suka kamu? - u cant help who u like as long as u dont (plan) to act on it
Kalo ada orang lain yg suka pacarmu? - ga papa, just keep mum!
Kalo pacarmu menghilang & menghindar dari kamu? - tanya kenapa?
Kalo pacarmu ngulang kesalahan yg sama? - bang are u dumber than a donkey?
Waktu paling lama ga ketemuan? Knapa selama itu? - 1 bulan, i was vacationing in europe, itu pun setiap harinya di sms marah2 mulu isinya betapa menyesalnya dia biarin gw pergi sebulan, betapa lamanya 1 bulan itu, ribet deh haha
Kalo temen2 kamu ga suka dia? - no business, im the one dating him, not them
Kalo dia kecentilan di mall? - kasi kaca suruh ngaca
Dia romantis ga? - yes, he's actually very
Dia sabar ga? - sabar kalo ngadepin gw ngambek, sampe ngebujuk2 lama, kalo ga baek juga akhirnya kesel sendiri hahahah
Dia good looking ga? - noooooooooooooooooooooooo :))
Dia matre? - no
Kalo kluar, sapa yg sering bayarin? - mostly him, sometimes me
Hadiah ultah dari dia apa? - karikatur foto kita
Hobi kalian yang sama? - no we're very different just want and value the same things in life
Hal yang kamu ga suka dari dia? - tidur ga bilang2
Hal yang dia ga suka dari kamu? - my shopping spree :P and ngambekan katanya
Dia pasangan perfect buat kamu? - insya allah yes, my compatible companion
Kalo ternyata kalian jodoh? - alhamdulillah :)
Kalo ga? - HIX
Terakhir. Apa pendapatmu ttg bulbo ini? - cukup nosy :D

"tell me what i gotta do to please you, baby anything you say i'll do, coz i only wanna make you happy, from the bottom of my heart is true" (i wanna know - joe)


vanilla cuppies

i made these cuppies buat buka puasa chez moi this saturday..
the recipe itself i got it from here ..
to make these babies a lil' more festive, i tinted the frosting with 4 different colors: blue, green, pink and purple..

don't be judging my ugly angled pics..

i ain't no pro :P