sasha eats miitem aglio olio, hasp eats cwie miitem

kemaren akhirnya nyobain MIITEM yang di plaza indonesia, horor ga sih makan mi tapi warnanya ITEM?

french comte cheese

this is what my brother ordered, pizza yang namanya french comte cheese..
texturnya lebih mirip biscuit, you know those dry crumbly biscuits?
jadinya lebih cocok buat appetizer deh (menurut gw yang sangat sok tahu)..
until you try it for yourself, rasa cheesenya beh nampol..
so a meal it is..

miitem aglio olio, cwie miitem

this is what me and hasp ordered..
miitem itu mi yang terbuat dari cumi trus warna itemnya dari tinta cumi..
rasanya lebih chewy daripada mi biasa and it makes u full..
do not underestimate the portion size..
selain itu they have the miitem pink yang pake pewarna pink dari buah beet (bahasa indonya apa yaa?) sama ada yang putih..
the miitem aglio olio was delicious and spicy tapi ga pedes banget kok..
kalo cwie miitemnya enakk, especially the kuah kata hasp..

hot baked chocolate cake, green tea cheesecake

for dessert i ordered green tea cheesecake..
as u can see i'm going through a green tea craze phase haha..
but the green tea cheesecake wasn't what i expected, ada rasa pahit didalam kue itu i can't determine whether it's the cheesecake or the crust..
and don't try to tell me green tea is kinda bitter, i know to distinguish the green tea bitterness to plain bitter yaaa..
my bro ordered the hot baked chocolate cake..
it took a while for this cake to be prepared but it was worth it..
the whole entire thing was edible (except for the plate naturally!) and yummy..

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