me and my best <3

sepenggal convo with my bestie..

Sandra: heueu

Sandra: djhfuic jkbegnherkcn
nobody_prefect: ahikahahakdgfklafdj
Sandra: lkhcbwjerkbfck
nobody_prefect: dhsaiuyrehadfjarel
Sandra: iosdufnviovnqcph 78346826185=!!
nobody_prefect: ih gila d lo..
Sandra: hahha lo juga
Sandra: dibales!!
nobody_prefect: kan biar lo ngerti gw ngmg apa..
nobody_prefect: hhehehehe

maybe that's why she's my best friend in the first place..
she understand my randomness..
even played along with my randomness..
abis itu ngatain gw gila..
gw katain dia juga gila..
but we understand each other :)

i LOVE u too much yuleha..

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