Mavala Double Lash

I decided that I needed to do something with my eyelashes..
Why? Because of the frequent mascara use and laziness of cleaning it thoroughly, it's starting to fall out..
And before you know it, I have sparse lashes..

I wanted to try Talika, but the price tag is a no no..
Did my research and found out this product at 1/3 the price..
I bought this is Guardian, Plaza Indonesia at a price of Rp. 100K..
Lucky me I got a 20% discount otherwise it's going to cost you Rp. 120K..

Mavala double lash is from Switzerland, a nutritive treatment that lengthens and strengthens lashes, helps stimulate faster growth and protects them.

Double Lash - Before Use Double Lash Double Lash - After

Finally, you no longer have to thicken your thinning lashes with multiple coats of mascara! Switzerland's Double-Lash is the only night treatment specifically formulated for lengthening, thickening and protecting eyelashes. Contains a special multi-protein that works overnight to immediately bond splitting and restore thickness. Meanwhile the exclusive moisturizing ingredients condition dry, brittle hairs to make them softer and more luxuriant. Just brush it on at bedtime, and within a few days you'll notice a fuller appearance and less "flyaways." In just three to four weeks, the rich nutrients begin to promote healthy, consistent growth. You'll show off naturally long lashes instead of slathering on the mascara. Use nightly for best results. Safe, sterile and non-toxic, it won't irritate sensitive eyes. Also works to thicken sparse eyebrows. Comes in a convenient brush-on applicator.


Strengthens, lengthens and thickens lashes.


Remove all make-up from the eyelashes, brush on Double-Lash with its convenient applicator and allow to take effect overnight. (from here)

I have just used it for three days now, on my eyelashes both top and bottom and on my eyebrows..No visible signs just yet, slightly darker perhaps? Will report more :)

In the mean while, I got a Twix package oleh2 dari Singaparna dari si kunteti, i lof uuuuu..


27/12 YES the mascara did it wonders i now have thicker lashes and brows, longer and darker too :)

but this product is not for the faint heart *apa coba*, one of my friend tried this product and she seemed to be allergic to it and it made her eyes puffed up instead..so it's a-maybe-it-will-work-for-you type of product but if it doesn't then don't blame, i have nothing to do with it *disclaimer haha*..

Broken Makeup

have you ever broken your makeup?
like a compa
ct powder? eyeshadow? powder blush?

well i just did..
and it happened to be my blush..

i remember saving quite of my allowance for my blush..
because it was kinda pricey and i hate it go wasted just because it's broken..

so i googled broken powder and i found this website..
this is what you can do to your broken makeup..

What You Need:
1. Toothpick to mix the powder with alcohol..
2. Alcohol 75& of substance (i used alcohol ika 70%)..
3. Saran wrap or knife to smooth the top..

so this is what happens when you rush in the morning and drop your powder blush :(
i remember my red rupiahs flying off the window *ahaha lebay*

this is how it looks like after you add DROPS of alcohol to the broken powder blush, remember less is better, your don't want to over do it..
mix it until it looks like a paste..

VOILA, smooth top (well almost!), let it dry naturally..
*i tried to dry it with hair dryer to speed up the drying process but i stopped in the fear of CRACKS*


Pisa Cafe

the garden scene with angelic statues, xmas tree

tadi siang makan di pisa cafe menteng, sebrang theresia dan sarinah..
that's how the cafe looks like..
the outdoor part of the cafe has a garden feel..
since xmas is near there's also a xmas tree..

the coffee menu

pisa cafe also has assorted coffee menu..
made fresh from sumatran coffee beans..
i tried a few before..
and they were goood..

fruit punch, orange juice, lime squash

for drinks we ordered fruit punch for my bro..
orange juice for hekalomania..
lime squash for me..

modelling my lime squash, the funny looking bricks..

in the mean while waiting for the food to come..
i took some pics of the cafe, like the garden, xmas tree..
modelled for my own drink hehe..
then hasp asked me to take a pic of the bricks..
because it's funny looking..
jadi nonjol jeda2 satu..
katanya the pic will be useful to show to the tukang when we build our house..
haha suka aneh emang dia!

mozarella in carozza, lasagna

fettucine alfredo, spaghetti carbonara

then our food came yey!
our appetizer is mozarella in carozza..
considering i haven't eaten breakfast and it's late in the afternoon, i had a reason to pig out hehe..

mozarella in carozza is fried bread with smoked beef and mozarella, this is a definite winner (apa karena laper?), the bread was crunchy and the mozarella gooey :)
hasp ordered lasagna, which is very very good and fattening, with all that cheese inside it must be..
i ordered fettucine alfredo, my fave pasta at all time :D
and my bro ordered spaghetti carbonara..


for dessert i ordered one cup of gelato..
consisting of azzuro which is sweet mint and oreo..
pisa cafe is also well known for its gelato, cheaper than gellatisimo but still very delish AHA :)

the happy go lucky couple :)


law student says..

as a law student in one of the best university in Indonesia..

who not only understand law, but will be using her law knowledge in her future job (insya allah!)

the one who should be on the side of the law..

doesn't believe in the justice system for the public service here in Indonesia..

it's better to keep yourself out of their reach any way possible..

because they respond to seperti kata ABBA: money, money, money must be funny in a rich man's world..






*kabur sebelum dilemparin kursi sama orang-orang sensitip :D*


Te Sate

today me and my bros (yg di bandung pulang lagi!) makan di te sate, plaza senayan..
i read a few reviews about this place and one of my dear friend actually recommended this place nevertheless i got curious..
if you're not really into indonesian food when it comes to eating out, this is not your option..
te sate is a restaurant that serves only indonesian cuisine..

this restaurant is so cool, at first when you see the entrance, you'd think that it's small..
but that turns out to be the smoking area..
the non-smoking area is located behind the smoking area buttt you'd have to pass this white futuristic hall and there's this white decorated door that opens *poof* kayak di pelem2 gitu haha (norak mode: ON)
and the decoration is awesome..

the table piece

the table piece is a glass of water filled with jasmine..
you can't smell the scent but if you put your nose close enough baru kecium baunya..
creepy and pretty at the same time haha!

lime lemongrass tea, mango ginger tea and strawberry mix

for drinks my bro ordered lime lemongrass tea which is iced tea with lemongrass flavor and scent, plus lime cut in small sizes..
my drink is mango ginger tea, the ginger is very dominant in this iced tea and the mango gives it a mellow tang taste..
my other bro ordered strawberry mix which is more like a strawberry puree with soda and ice..

sate ayam madura, sate kambing

my brothers ordered sate ayam madura and sate kambing..
rice is not included in this meal, so you'd have to order separately..
the sate is served in a hot plate with coal underneath it to keep it warm..
the sate ayam is served with peanut sauce and the sate kambing with sweet soy sauce..
one meal consist of 6 tusuk sate, you'd think that's not plenty..
but the meat size of the sate is quite grand i'm telling you..
the sate was good, the meat tender and juicy..

white rice, tempat tusuk sate

this is the white rice, ordered separately..
also they provide you with this cup for your tusuk sate..
neat ey?

me eating: nasi goreng buntut bumbu belacan

left-right: kerupuk 3 macem, nasi goreng buntut bumbu belacan, kuah sup buntut

i ate nasi goreng bumbu belacan, i didn't know it was going to look like but it has a recommended sign next to it on the menu..
oh btw the menu is cute, i didn't take pic of it abis ada mas2nya, MALU!!
the menu is attached to half of kipas sate..
back to where i was, sooo when the mas2 brought me my food, i didn't know it was going to be a tray long..
the nasi goreng buntut bumbu belacan is served with 3 types of kerupuk yaitu: kerupuk udang, emping and kerupuk beras and kuah sup buntut..
the rice didn't look plenty butt i was fooled by the bowl/plate they served it in..
it tasted yummy and i of course didn't finish my meal..
left to two piranhas hehe..


pulangnya nyoba coldrock ice creamery, which tasted BLAH!
enakan cold stone kemana-mana deh!
and sour sally yg ada di FX..
tempatnya lebih pewe daripada yang di SenCy..
trus lagi promo 15% off or get a cute bag, for Rp 50k or above purchase sampe dengan 12 desember 08..



heading towards gaya spa, with si kunteti alias maya..
ngeliat truk..
biru (eye catching by me of course!), biasa lah truk rada2 gelo nyetirnya..
a bright yellow warning sign..
typical "apabila supir kami ugal2an blablabla.."
squint a lil' closer..


HPV Vaccine

my LAST HPV vaccine :)

Today I went to RSPP to get my last shot of HPV vaccine with Hasp accompanying me. Most of you probably don't know what is HPV,
human papillomavirus or HPV is a papillomavirus that infects the skin and mucous membranes of humans. Approximately 130 HPV types have been identified. Some HPV types can cause warts (verrucae) or cancer, while others have no symptoms. (Source: Wikipedia)

Now there's a vaccine for HPV which is
a vaccine that prevents infection with certain species of human papillomavirus associated with the development of cervical cancer, genital warts, and some less common cancers (e.g., anal, vulvar, vaginal, penile). (Source: Wikipedia)

So then why is it SO important?

This vaccine targets the types of HPV that most commonly cause cervical cancer and genital warts. The vaccine is highly effective in preventing those types of HPV and related diseases in young women.

Therefore the HPV vaccine is recommended for 11 and 12 year-old girls
(although it can also be given to girls 9 or 10 years of age). It is also recommended for girls and women age 13 through 26 years of age who have not yet been vaccinated or completed the vaccine series.

The vaccine is less effective in preventing HPV-related disease in young women who have already been exposed to one or more HPV types. That is because the vaccine does not treat existing HPV infections or the diseases they may cause. It can only prevent HPV before a person gets it.

Every year, about 12,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and almost 4,000 women die from this disease in the U.S. (Source: www.cdc.gov)

Two HPV vaccines are currently on the market: Gardasil and Cervarix. Both vaccines protect against two of the HPV types that cause cervical cancer, and some other genital cancers; Gardasil also protects against two of the HPV types that cause genital warts. (Source: Wikipedia)

As you can see, my vaccine is Cervarix which
is designed to prevent infection from HPV types 16 and 18, which currently cause about 70% of cervical cancer cases. Type 16 is also associated with oropharyngeal squamous-cell carcinoma, a form of throat cancer.Cervarix is also formulated with AS04, a proprietary adjuvant that has been found to boost the immune system response for a longer period of time. Additionally, some cross-reactive protection against virus strains 45 and 31 were shown in clinical trials. (Source: Wikipedia)

The vaccine is given in a series (three doses), the first shot, the second shot is given a month after the first shot and the third shot is five months after the second shot and you don't need to be screened first to get this vaccine (ga perlu tes apalah).

One shot is around Rp. 1jt, so three doses will cost you around Rp. 3jt but lucky me I got an offer of buy 2 get 1 free, so I only paid Rp. 2,2jt ;)

The shot itself isn't that painful, when the needle touches your skin you'd feel a tiny pinch but when the nurse started injecting the vaccine it HURTS for around 3 seconds and it leaves a teeny tiny bruised mark. Tangannya juga jadi pegel, you'd feel a lil temperature rise on your body and slight diarrea. Ya kurang lebih kaya anak bayi diimunisasi deh minus the rewelness :)

Cold Stone Creamery

girls: ika, maya, sandra vs boys: heikhal, hisbul, balong

akhirnya nonton TWILIGHT juga..!!
setelah mendesak para lelaki yang mau nonton Si Jago Merah di Detos, the girls insisted on Twilight di Citos..
yg menang: CEWE-CEWE LAH!
that's what estrogens are for!!
ke Citos kami meluncur naik mobil 'BERES bersama Om Eggi Sudjana..'
ayo yg di kawasan Jawa Barat didukung Om Eggi..

berhubung dari kampus jam setengah 2an, nyampe beli tiket jam 2an..
dan pelemnya sendiri baru mulai jam 2.55..
we kongkow at COLD STONE CREAMERY..
mulai deh si keket crita ttg pembantaian di citos with samurai..
sempet beli jibbits 'hersheys' yg palsu buat spatu crocsku sama bracelets hehe..

and we ordered..

breathless boston cream pie, cookie mintster

pas nyampe ngeliat porsinya..
gw, keket dan ika langsung berkata "kayanya ga abis deh sendiri, bertiga aja yuk.."
we ordered breathless boston cream pie..
eh si lelaki2 selesai sholat malah membabi buta..
abis deh es krim kami..
berhubung gw dan ika diet 5000 kalori, mesen lagi deh..
dengan memalak si abang 20k, we ordered cookie mintster..
dan dihajar ber6 lagi :(

ya kali ini agak puas lah ya (HARUS puas san!)
si hisbul sempet mesen minuman apa itu yg berry2..
buset asyemm abis, kalo flu minum itu pasti sembuh deh!

oh ya cold stone ini unik lho, you can create custom create your own flavor or pesen signature creations..
since i believe in the pros mesen yang signature creations..
es krimnya kemudian dibulet2in gitu sama mbak2nya..
trus DI LEMPAR ke mbak2 yg dideket kasir..
si abang mpe heran dia nanya "IH MBAK KOK BISA GITU, LATIAN DIMANA MBAK?"
abis itu si mbak2 deket kasir meracik es krim diatas batu dingin hence the name COLD STONE sesuai dengan pesanan..
abis itu ditaro dalam wadah yg ada crispy wafflenya bisa milih yg plain, with chocolate or with chocolate and sprinkles..

eskrimnya enakk, must try bgt deh..
it's creamy, smooth, not too sweet..

abis itu nonton Twilight deh..
pelem terSLOW yang pernah gw tonton, gw sama ika sempet ngobrol selama sepertiga pelemnya haha..
cukup merusak suasana pelem yang dingin2 romantis..
interesting movie but could've been better..
i'd still watch the sequel though ;)

pic 1 pasangan homo abad ini, pic 2 ikaiko dan kunteti sharing a cup, pic 3 supir metromini eats ice cream for the first time ever!


damage's done so I guess I be leaving..

my 'damages' i manage to pick up at the mall yesterday:

pic from here
born lippy in passionberry

my maybelline is finished, trus pengen try something new..
but lipbalm-y not glossy..
did my research and i picked born lippy from body shop..
the lipbalm doesn't give off color so it doesn't matter what you choose, except ada beberapa yang pake shimmer..
might wanna steer clear off them, you don't want bling bling-y lips khan?
passionberry yang milih hasp, i like to involve him in my shopping spree, asking for his opinions or whatever lah so he feels relevant and needed..
oh the male ego :P

pic from here
mamma mia! the movie soundtrack

i like the movie, i love the music so i picked up the CD..
thank god for indonesian edition CD so the price was only Rp. 55k :)
pas dengerin di mobil cuman sampe nomer 12 out of 17..
abis itu disuruh ganti sama Hasp, katanya dia pusing..
how unsensitive!

pic from here

sea-quill omega 3 salmon

this is my daily intake of the 'good and healthy stuff' and i ran out..
one bottle contains 100 soft gel capsules and since i take one a day, it last for around 3 months..
it was on sale :) so i saved money-oo..