Urban Kitchen, Pacific Place

teh tarik, crema carbonara..

untuk arisan kali ini, it's my pick for the place..
since i won last time :)
i picked urban kitchen, pacific place..
why? because the place is cozy to hang out and all..

i ate crema carbonara by la placa, i forgot the name pokoknya yg specializing in italian cuisines in urban kitchen..
the carbonara was okay..
it smelled really cheesy, so i thought it was gonna taste too overwhelming and 'eneg'..
but it was yummy kok..
ya masi dibawah standar pisa cafe and segarra sih..

me and rila

oh ya yg menang arisan si windy :)
congrats bebe..

anak-anak BUNDO aka LVLIES arisan :)

abis itu melalang ke senayan city..
i made pinka curious about sour sally..
so she wanted it so bad..
and i was craving it during the week so..
i ordered medium twist with fruity pebbles and mochi for myself..
and large plain with strawbery, kiwi and fruity pebbles for hasp which he ate with me..

haha maruk..ruk..ruk..
abis itu hasp picked me up in senayan city with my bro..
after being an annoying a**, he's trying to make up..
ya namanya juga usaha..
you're forgiven but not forgotten bang!

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