Sushi Tei

it's one of those days where all the sickness creep up tp you because:
a) you didn't have enough sleep
b) you haven't eaten the correct meal

c) you have been whooping your ass up during the week
d) all of the above..

well on my case it's all of the above..
i have been taking care of the father this past 10 days, so i have been lacking of sleep like totally..
i usually get 8 hours or 8 hours shy of sleep
and it's my routine, people can say i'm such a wuss or baby needing 8 hours of sleep, but that's just how my body demands it sooo..whaddyagonnado?
plus i have so many shizz due that week which includes the very stress prone COMPREHENSION TEST and one midterm on monday..
and all during those times i didn't eat right, well i live of sederhana, nuggets, telor and all express deliveries

so monday after the father left, tuesday morning i felt a sore throat..
got through the day with english comprehension test just fine, shocked by the demand of chapter one by next week (GULP!)..
after that i went grocery shoppin
g in carrefour, bought my sick needs:
- 2 papan stop cold
- 6 uc 1000 yang orange
- 10 cans of bear brand milk

by tuesday evening, i had no
voice whatsoever!!
hasp got c
oncerned promised to visit the next day, and he did..
i was kinda feverish during tuesday, but during wednesday i was fineee..
sakit manja kata hasp haha "kalo ada aku aja ga anget"
went to plaza indo beli breadtalk and i wanted sushi teii so bad..

phoenix roll, tsukimi ramen

i ate tsukimi ramen, drank plenty of hot green tea since it was a free flow..
hasp ate phoenix roll and my bro ate tsukimi ramen, beef katsu and rice..
the phoenix roll is the bomb!
it's my favorite aside from crispy roll..
the tsukimi ramen was plenty i didn't even finish mine..

then we went home and i felt a lot better..
atleast i got my voice back :D


Nelayan, Bakerz In

nelayan menu

kemaren sama ayah and his delegates makan di restoran nelayan, manggala wanabakti.. it's a chinese seafood restorant..
pertama dikasih udang, trus sea cucumber
+ mushroom + sawi, trus ikan digoreng saos asem manis, trus chicken, trus this crocket thing yg isinya udang sama pisang, trus kepiting and saosnya which you eat it with bread, trus brocolli and bakso ikan akhirnya for dessert onde-onde and coconut milk with watermelon and melon..
onde-ondenya enakkk bgt, the filling is not ordinary kacang ijo deh kayaknya :)

today i met up with my bestiest, temenin dia nyari kado for her bf's bday..
trus we had lunch in bakerzin, plaza indonesia..
because she's about to have her braces wired, i suggested that she eat..

smoked beef penne, linguni in mushroom cream sauce

we usually order smoked beef penne because it's yummy!!
it's really hard to find restaurants who can cook creamy sauce without being too much..
and bakerzin is one of them ;)
the linguini was hmm okay creamy but the mushroom was yucky..

iced lychee tea, lavender violet lime italian soda

i have a thing with italian soda, i like the soda because it's not too gassy..
and they always have cute flavors..
irresistable :)
yulia aka yuleha aka mbe aka yulio aka whatever-i-decide-to-call-her hehe always order iced lychee tea..
she has a thing for lychee i think hehe..

braces pre-wired, wiring process

after that i went shopping got my sandals in charles & keith and my caffeine fix in starbucks (i've had 6 hours of sleep these past few days, taking care of the daddy)..
i accompanied her to get her braces wired in rs thamrin..
i picked the color periwinkle blue and gray for her rubbers since she can be so INDECISIVE most of the time..
come to think of it, it matches her shirt haha..

then we went to itc kuningan..
we bought gossip girls dvd season 2 (guilty pleasure!) and i got this cute top that look pregnant-ish to cover the stomach and hip area haha..
then i sent her home with happy birthday candles and chocolates oleh-oleh dari poland..

busy.busy.busy day :)




my daddy being the i-don't-care type of guy, bought me the eyeliner kit, when i specifically asked for the black eyeliner itself and the brush aja..
so now i have two color black and brown, rencananya yang brown mau di jual aja..
i don't do brown eyeliner, it looks tacky i'm sorry :p
because of the price tag, kata hasp besok2 pake arang aja eheheh..

today we ate in fish&co, EX..


dad and adek sharing seafood platter, simple pasta

the seafood platter is kinda expensive Rp. 198.000 but it has everything seafood in there..
ada cumi, udang, ikan, kerang, nasi kuning, kentang goreng, dll..
it taste good, better than the fish&chips but ilfeel gila ngeliat porsinya..


i ordered lime cola, which is coke but the lime taste is DOMINANT..
asemnya seubun2, i think this drink is great after eating seafood..
since it reduces the eneg feeling and amisness *bahasa apa ini sandra!!*



the view: almost sunset

french fries

ice cappucino, mango italian soda

beef fettuccine, meat pizza

us in color, black and white, and sephia

hopefully many many years to come..

arisan #2

review makanan lagiii :D

so yesterday my college peer group aka the BUNDOs had a mini reunion by having a monthly arisan..
arisan sounds so ibu2 no?
hahah but that's the only way we can get together at least once a month..
since most of my friends had already graduated and some already have a job, trying to be in one place at one time is so complicated..
agreeing to be in one place is a whole new issue separate from the issue above :)

why #2 because i couldn't make it to the first one since i was with hasp and he has a thing of not wanting to attend all girls functions..
tauk lah what's wrong with u bang??

we met up in tebet, near bloop there's this new place like a mini kemang food fest, there's roti bakar edi and other food counters not so famous by names..
i ate..

spaghetti carbonara

the spaghetti costs only Rp 21.000 which is like half of the price of any creamy pasta dishes so i know to not expect
instead it was more rasa telor, jadi yang jual tuh instead of using cream and cheese pakenya telor..
well it wasn't bad but not exactly carbonara yaaa..

and i drank..

sop buah with mango puree

the sop buah is a bunch of fruits guava, mango, strawberry, marquisa, apple, pear, avocado and others that i might not have mentioned..
then you get to choose the juice, my friend chose strawberry and it was too sweet but i'm glad i chose mine as mango..
cuz they put thick puree mango inste
ad of juice so it was yummy..
no sweetness from sugar whatsoever..

then we moved to bebek ginyo..
my friends ordered from there, i didn't since i got full from my spaghetti carbonara and my sop buah..
bebek ginyo sells one of the best tasting ducks..
cooking ducks is like cooking sheep, you must know the correct trick and tips otherwise it's not gonna smell so pleasant..

sistemnya self service, so you pick your own plate and everything else and ring it up to the cashier..
there's two variety of rice to choose from plain or nasi uduk..
and lots of variety of ducks to choose from crispy, fried, sambal ijo, gulai, etc..
the side dish is an optional salad and cucumber..

for drinks they provide es teh, es jeruk, cendol and so much more..
in conclusion this restaurant rocks your empty hungry stomach :)
and i got the arisan while talking to hasp on the phone..
baby you're my lucky charm *mwach*

l-r: citra b.l, edith n.a, sandra ajah :)


Annie The Musical

pic from here

when you reminisce back to your early years-your childhood..
what do you remember?
hmm those memories are precious eh?
just thinking about those days will make your heart giddy :)

my childhood consist of many happy things..
i was born the eldest out of four kids but i happen to be the only girl..
by the time i was born my daddy was 33, having a dad who has been wanting a kid for a while means he spoiled me like crazy..
nevertheless that's how i became my daddy's girl..

those first three years were :) well up until my brother was born though..
i talked first before i could walk, so i was a chitty chatty kid..
and since i was so attached to my nanny, my dad found ways to distract me from her by having me watch movies on tv..
he'd borrow movies from british or american embassies and have them transferred..

i believe i had enough kiddie movies to last me a life time..
but this one movie called Annie stuck to me the longest..
this was my breakfast movie, i'd watch it everyday until i was in elementary school..
and i'd SCREAM every time during the helicopter chasing scene..

Annie is a musical/movie about an orphaned child, living in an orphanage, where Ms. Hannigan constantly abuses them..
During Christmas time, to make himself look good in the media, this billionaire a.k.a. Mr. Warbucks decided to invite one orphaned child to spend Christmas with him..
Annie got the chance and cold Mr. Warbucks fell in love with Annie..
He wanted to adopt her but Annie insist that her parents are still alive..
The $1.000.000 search for Annie's parents was on and evil Ms. Hannigan and her brother faked being Annie's parents..
Soon after Annie was taken into her fake parents' custody, they realize they have been lied to..
And there was this chasing scene with the police, the helicopter that used to make me scream..
Then Annie was saved and found out that her parents had died earlier..
Finally she agreed being Mr. Warbucks' daughter and at the same time Mr. Warbucks proposed to his faithful secretary..
They live happily ever after..

there's two version of Annie that I've seen so far..
First is the movie Annie the Musical like the poster up there..
and second the Disney remake that I have on bootleg DVD hehe..
but the Disney version just doesn't cut it..

the video for the song tomorrow is here

"The sun'll come out tomorrow bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun!
Just thinkin' about tomorrow clears away the cobwebs, and the sorrow 'til there's none!
When I'm stuck with a day that's gray, and lonely, I just stick out my chin and Grin, and say, Oh!
The sun'll come out tomorrow so ya gotta hang on 'til tomorrow come what may..
Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya Tomorrow!
You're always a day away!" (Tomorrow-Annie The Musical)



pic from here

"three words..eight letters..say it..that I'm yours.."
(blair waldorf-gossip girls series)


busy.busy bee

How long have you liked the person you currently like? ooh a long while now..
When is your birthday? may 23rd
What do you want? kompre to be done so i can start writing and finish by the 21st of december :(
What's your favorite color? baby blue
What were you doing at 8 am this morning? getting ready
What were you doing 30 minutes ago? ngajarin qory tutorial blog hehe
What are you looking forward to? my daddy's coming
Do you ever wanna know who you're going to marry? yes but no, let the future be a mystery
Who did you hang out with last? hasp dan anak2 maen bola justisiade tadi
Any plans for tomorrow? STUDY <3>
Is there a person of the opposite sex who means a lot to you? hasp
Who was the last person you talked to last night before bed? hasp, he's my lullaby
Are you gonna be home alone tonight? no
Have you ever kissed someone who's name starts with a J? not yet :P
What about a D? not that letter either
Do you think you will be in a relationship 3 months from now? i really really hope so
Have you made a mistake this past week? yes teeny tiny one
Does the last person you shared a bed with mean anything to you? me myself and i? yes i'm my numero uno priority
Who was your last text from yesterday? What did it say? honestly, i forgot
Who was your first text from today? hmmm boling?
Are you mad at someone right now? yes the weather, its hot and humid ugh!
How do you feel right now? sticky
Latest you stayed up in the past week? 12 am kata hasp: "aku ga suka kamu tidur malem2"
What were you doing at 9:30 pm last night? dating session via the phone
Was it a boy or a girl to text you first today? boy
What is the 7th text in your inbox say and from who? who counts their text messages anyways?
How long can you go without your phone? not long, i lurve my cellies
Who was the last person you talked to on the phone, and what did you talk about? abang hasp, masalah toa
Does your phone ring in the middle of the night? yes sometimes when hasp's kalongness hits him and he's tired from writing, he calls me up
Do you curse in front of your parents? not in front of them duh, but there are days where i curse like a sailor :P
What is your current annoyance? did i mention the weather is friggin hot and humid?
Last time you saw fireworks, with who, and where? depan kamar, lebaran times
Are you afraid of roller coasters? ADDICT
What would you do if your best friend told you they were moving? make her stay
What are you supposed to be doing right now? showering
Are you slowly drifting away from someone? yes it's for the best no?
Can you play guitar hero? teach me teach me teach me, i'm a fast learner
Would you rather watch football or baseball? i'd rather not :)
What's your ringtone? hasp buktikan - dewi sandra, others lagunya bring it on yg cheerleader
Did anyone see you kiss the last person you kissed? ihh ngintip donk
Looking back, did you ever waste too much time on someone? maybe i did, maybe i didn't but at least i got the 'falling head over heels' out of my system altogether
Have you ever fallen asleep in someones arms? my daddyo's
What are you doing tonight? pcrn :D
Who was the last guy you talked to? hasp..


gift :)

jelly beans, blue cellphone accessory (cellphone not included)

1. Shortest relationship? 7 months and such days..
2. Last gift you received? jelly beans and gantungan hp warna BIRU dari ncillo :)
3. Ever dropped a cell phone? yes but RARELY..
4. Last food you ate? toast and green tea..
5. Last club you go to? err not my thing..
6. Last drink? green tea..
7. One favorite song? teenage love affair - alicia keys
8. Where do you live? cikini
9. Last wedding you attended: my daddy's friend's son, in bogor..
10. Last time you saw your friend? today in campus..
11. Where is your favorite place to eat with ur bestfriends? ooh anywhere :D
12. Can you cook? a little but i can bake better..
13. Last time you cried? its been a while..
14. Why? i don't remember..
15. Hate most about yourself? hate is such a strong word to be used..
16. Can you sing? in my high pitch girlish voice, you sure you wanna hear it?
17. do you drink? in this HOT HUMID WEATHER of course that's the only way i star hydrated :P
18. Pancakes or French toast? both :)
19. Do you like coffee? sometimes, i like tea better..
20. Last person who sends you a message? adnan songong..
21. What was the last text message you received? hasp's fatty bro like to disturb us while dating on the phone by 1. singing loudly, 2. playing kangen band's song, 3. miscalling/messaging me with unimportant messages..
22. Can you play pool? no
23. Can you swim? yes
24. Favorite flavor of ice cream? bailey's and anything chocolate
25. What time did you wake up this morning? 5.30ish am
26. What are you doing this week? kompre lisan this thursday/friday insyaallah..
27. Are you smiling? no i'm sweaty and sticky and a lil smelly hahaha
28. Do you miss someone right now? always *mwach*
29. Do you have a crush? a big fat one
30. Do you have a sister? NO, the one and only daughter..
31. Who is your closest cousin’s name? vani
32. What were you doing 10 minutes ago? on the phone with hasp..
33. if you were a colour, what would you be? BABY BLUE..
34. if you could go anywhere right now, where? home..
35. Food you're craving for right this minute? sour sally, tadi udah sempet makan yogurtnya j.co but it doesn't quite hit the spot :(
36. Name a person who's name starts with the letter "j"? jeje
37. where's the best place to sleep? my princessha bed
38. Radio station you frequently listen to? gen fm with hasp, u fm myself
39. Where do you usually hang out? malls, where else?
40. if you were to change careers, what would you want it to be? housewifeness
41. What are you going to do tomorrow? kuliah phi
42. Favorite day? saturday
43. Are you easy to get along with? depends, i can be a pain in the as* at times
44. What movie do you want to see right now? apa yah?
45. Whose birthday is coming up? ours..
46. How many kids do you want? yesterday hasp smsed me after watching nanny 911 that he found twins are cute and i reply saying NO (effin') WAY..i prefer having one at a time until it adds up to 5 maximum..
47. Where do you usually watch movies? i live in central of jakarta, so many options to choose
48. Name one person which starts with the letter "m"? mira
49. Favorite thing that you have now? my whole entire room
50. where will be your next holiday? i don't see any holiday in the near future :(