What's Inside Your Bag?

i saw this on other blogs..
what's inside your bag?

mango bag with black sanrio cat keychain

i bought this bag karena berhasil memalak si ayah pas pulang kemaren..
otherwise i really won't be spending my money on mango bags..
tak rela lah yaw :)
the keychain i had since SMA kelas 1 pas di new york..
the bag itself is very plain so i added a 'touch' to it..

essential items in my bag:
1. mukena kecil: useful for daily prayers
2. cussons baby wet tissue: secara gw pacaran sama hasp kaya bayi
3. tisu paseo: -idem-
4. eskulin anti bacterial hand gel: -idem-
5. lotte xylitol gum: i love chewing gums, well this one is sugarfree and actually good for your teeth..
6. cellies (gsm&cdma): my babies, lost without them..
7. carrot keychain containing keys (duh!): gimana caranya keluar masuk rumah otherwise?
8. mango wallet: i need to pay for things don't i?
9. mentholatum acnes oil absorbing paper: saya adalah salah satu wanita terkaya di dunia, i also found out this brand is cheaper than the clean&clear one :D
10. white musk by body shop oil perfume: i love how the smell last and bisa dibawa sholat..
11. sephora mirror: who's the fairest one of all?
12. maybelline lipbalm: dry lips is icky!!
13. ipod nano: useful to kill time..
14. peralatan makan hokben: i got this pas beli menu anak2 di hokben, isinya sumpit, sendok, garpu..i love itty bitty things and the color blue, so go figure :) and since i am dating hasp si bayi raksasa, this tool comes useful..

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