after ignoring my blog for MONTHS :)
i am back, with good news hehe..
i manage to get my BACHELOR LAW DEGREE and currently jobless..
still awaiting my graduation ceremony late august..
so i'm on a diet for the kebaya :(
will be writing more, i promise..



Vanilla Vanilla Cupcakes

yes it's that time of year where the cupcakes Gods decided..
that it's time for me to bake the perfect cupcakes..
my oven is MINI, so freggin' small, can't afford to buy a bigger one besides i'd have no idea where to put it..
i've always covered the bottom flames, but it ends up making my cupcakes kayak bolu kukus ngembang pecah gitu diatasnya..

with frosting i could bluff, i just had to cover it up..
but looking at other blogs, where people put pics of their naked cupcakes TOTALLY MADE ME JEALOUS..
so it hit me one morning, as i lay on my bed, thinking about random stuff..
i should cover the top flames, that way i'm gambling on burning the bottom :/ ickkk..
but then i gambled with that option and WON :)

i also had a problemo with the butter cream..
i usually make my butter cream with 100% butter..
no shortenings, on my last order the butter cream practically melted padahal cuman perjalanan cikini-sudirman which is 20/30 minutes ride..
i once took my cupcakes dari cikini-lebak bulus and it was fine..
the swirls kept in tip top shape..
so i guess jakarta's humidity must have something to do with the melting butter cream..
or i'm doing something wrong without realizing it's wrong *sigh*
so yeah i found the secret ingredient to make it stop melting..
SHORTENING aka mentega putih..

now with shortening it was harder to create a smooth swirls..
and the first glimpse of taste i wasn't fond of either..
but i piped it on top of my cupcakes put it in the fridge and decided to forget the next 24 hours..
the next day i tasted it and thank God it was fineeeeee *phew*


Pet Society

my current addiction..
i play this game everyday, to get more money so i can buy all those cute stuff..
i have 148 friends so far..
you make coins by visiting..
20 coins for the first 50 visits, 10 coins for the next 25 visits and 5 coins after..
you can also make coins by petting and washing other people's pet as you visit..
also by winning on the hurdle race (10 race per day @30 coins if you win)..
since i am that crazy i have 10.000 coins but i'm only saving them throughout the week for monday..
in pet society there are shops which allows you to buy furniture, food, clothes, gadgets and other fun stuff..
usually there's new stuff every monday, so that's when i blow my money..
then i continue to save for the rest of the week :)
don't worry this game won't keep you awake 24/7, for me the most time it took me to make all the coins is just 1.5 hours..
so no you won't see me glued to the computah playing pet society..

what's your addiction?


disaat semua orang tergila-gila sama blackberry..

this is what i've been wanting since junior high..
dulu pas di NY udah pernah minta sama ibu, well it is attractive with all of its colors khan?
but i guess she took my plea as a "keinginan-anak-smp-yg-sementara"
who would've thought that the dream of owning a BLUE kitchenaid still lives ey?

when i went to Titan to buy my cupcakes supply, i saw the kitchenaid info on the window..
so i said look mom, beli donk! (the mixer that i'm using right now, is my aunt's and she's heading back to jkt soon, so i gotta part with it HIXXX)
then she asked me how much it cost..
dengan sok taunya i said "dulu seinget aku $100 deh.." (padahal mana pernah kitchen aid stand mixer semurah itu heeheheh)
pas nanya ke mbak2 titan, she said it cost Rp. 5JT..
mahal aja loh buat mixer lucu warna warni..

tak putus asa i asked my mom if she'd get it for me abroad..
since there are more discounts and sometimes things are more reasonably priced over there..
turns out it's $800 abroad..
ahahahah lebih mahal gilingaaann!!

i'm the type of kid who earns nice things, i don't just get to them out of the blue..
for example..
my cellphone? it was because i got into FHUI, then when i wanted to trade it for another one, i had to use most of my own money but i did ask my dad to chip in a little..
my laptop? because it's necessary for school work..
my bags? MY MOM CUTS MY ALLOWANCE IN HALF for the bags i want..

so getting this mixer for not earning anything is like a WHAAAATTTT?
but i'm glad :) i promise to take care of it everyday of my life mommy :)

the colors to chose from..
so many choices hmmmmmmmmmm..

i think i want this one :)
the website
said that this color is available..

now i must look for the best price *sigh*
i'll get back to you on that one..


Masak Seru Bareng Si Tukang Masak

i got this book in TGA kwitang..
what made me interested in this book is that the recipes are mostly for anak kosan/orang yg tinggal di apartment..
so it's all basically a menu for two..
and since it's for the busy people in the city, all menus are practical and easy to make..
most ingredients you'll be able to buy in the nearest supermarkets..
the recipes are EASY..
i mean if i can do it *i have no basic background in the kitchen WHATSOEVER*, i bet you can..
i tried the oseng buncis and it turned out gooooooddd..
will be trying the muntahu anak kos recipe soon *coz i bought the ingredients already*
the book doesn't cost that much and you get a vcd with it..


New Stuff :D

this is what i managed to pick up the last 2 months or so..
i love love love make up so yeah it SHOWS :)

an eyebrow/eyelash scissor comb, i say it's a must if you have thick brows like me..
you don't want to go bushy and look a character of sesame street right?
this scissor has a comb attached to it so makes it easier to control the length of hair that you're cutting, almost like giving your brows/lash a trim..
i got this in seibu, grand indo for Rp. 30K-ish, in baby blue of course :D

while searching for the eyebrow/eyelash scissor comb, i stumbled across this product..
which is a mask to cover the eye when you apply mascara..
lucu yaa orang jepang emang inovatif!

i got curious on trying on maybelline's newest mascara, unstoppable curly extension..
i didn't quite like it, it smudges, clumps..
my mom says that it makes my lashes look like SAPU hahaha..
but it's easy to remove since it's not waterproof..

NYX eye/eyebrow pencil in sapphire
i stumbled across this brand in EX..
i have read from some reviews that it's almost like MAC without the $$$..
so i gave it a try and looked around..
in the website it cost around $4, but in here it cost Rp. 45K..

nyx eyebrow powder in gray/black..
since the eye area is the center of my face, i need a lot to make it look better *make up junkie beralasan :D*
oh yeah i checked the website and it should cost $4 but in here they charged us Rp. 75K..

body shop lip/cheek stain
i wanted to buy this coz i've tried on anggi's..
it applies and dries nicely..
gives you a healthy red lips without looking vampire-ish..
and it applies on your cheeks too for that healthy glow..

maybelline watershine pure in 318 nudie mocha
i finally found 'the lipstick'..
for a very very long time i kept thinking that lipsticks are not for me..
why? because i have thick lips..
any color i wear will stand out from 1 km *lebay mode: on*
the reason why i said it's 'the lipstick'..
because it's my lip color so it makes me look like i am wearing lipstick without that obvious omg-you're-wearing-lipstick look *get it? NO?! DEAL WITH IT!*



gara2, di tag sama ncill dapet PE-ER deh..
the rules are to use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below..
then you must choose a picture in the first page results, and post it as your answer..
after that tag 7 people..

1. The age of my next birthday

twenty three, just like the movie poster *sigh*
i'm getting olderrrrr..

2. A place (or places) i'd like to travel to

danau toba, i'm pure bataknese, but i grew up everywhere except there..
it's just nice to know more about your own culture before accepting other cultures..

new york city, i lived there, i really wanna go visit once more :(

i was inspired after watching vicky cristina barcelona..
i'd like to go there someday..

3. A favorite place

my room, it's not big, it's not small but i have all my essentials in there..
it used to be so blue, now i splash in more colors to make it less TEENAGE-like haha :D

4. Favorite food

the funny thing is that i grew up mostly with western food, i do eat indo food but the typical ones you have at home..
but during my college years, i just start eating full spiced indo food such as rawon and tongseng, and GOT ADDICTED..
now i can swear to you i will never be able to live abroad because of the food :D

5. Favorite Things

my baking appliances,
the blue kitchen aid is what i dream of having, i asked my mom already hihihi..
i hope she does get it for me :)
i love my appliances, i don't have the money to buy those expensive nice looking ones but the plastic will do *for now*..

my mini library is overflowing with BOOKS, i seriously don't have any more space for books..
it is the pride and love of my room..
there are books, magazines, dvds, my perfumes, makeup and other fun stuff..
not one single person has ever gone to my room, without getting something out of my mini library..

6. Favorite Color

baby blue :)

7. Where I was born

moscow, rusia..
hence mouskovita which is from the russian word muskovite, which means a person from moscow..
that is if i'm not mistaken, for more info call my dad :D

8. A City I've lived in

sofia, bulgaria..
i spent my elementary years there, i went to an indo school for a year..
then to a french school for 3 years..
so no i don't speak a single bulgarian :P

9. A nickname that i have

sasha cohen, the figure skater..
my name is aleksandra which is a russian name ..
the nickname for alexandra/alexander in russian is sasha..
so there ya go..

10. College Major

my major who makes me feel like a minor :D
i have a love/hate relationship with it hehe..

11. Hobby

finally i found something that screams ME, my own personal thing..
that is not dad inspired or mom inspired..

i have that picture at home..
when i do read an interesting book, i must finish that book..
even if it requires for me to have a messed up sleeping cycle :D

12. Bad habit

nuff said..

not a morning person either..
on a sunday i'd prefer to sleep in than go out..

13. Name of my love

JOSH HARTNETT feat. Heikhal A. S. Pane
abang josh must be like "semeleketehe foto gw ditaro disamping abang pane"
butttt i also do love hasp :)

14. Wish list

out of law school..
in the real life ASAP PLEASE!!

find Mr. Right, who's willing to appreciate me as a partner no more no less..

perfect my role as a woman, becoming a mother of course..

run my own cupcake specialized bakery, insya allah :)

sekarang waktunya men-tag..


100 truths and tag

001. Real name → Aleksandra Mouskovita Pohan
002. Like it? → i can live with it
003. Nickname(s)→ Sandra
004. Status → di KTP belum kawin, di fb in a relationship, di fs married, ayo tebak2 buah manggis :)
005. Zodiac sign → gemini
006. Male or female → F
007. Elementary→ SD KBRI Sofia, Ecole Victor Hugo Sofia, SDN Menteng 02..
008. Middle School → Russell Sage Junior High School 190 Queens (i had a solid junior high years without moving interruptions :))
009. High School → Benjamin N. Cardozo High School, SMU 8 Jakarta..
010. Hair color → pitch black
011. Long or short → middle length
012. Eye color → brown
013. Weight → fat ass
014. Height → 5'4 with brown eyes, smile like the sunrise :P
015. Righty or lefty → righty
016. Loud or Quiet → LOUD
017. Sweats or Jeans → jeans
018. Phone or Camera → camera phone
019. Health freak → <3>
020. Piercings?→ one on each ears
021. Do you have a crush on someone? → no
022. Eat or Drink → both
023. Purse or Backpack → purse
024. Tattoos → i have a hard time committing to the word forever
025. Do You Like Yourself? → sometimes
026. Current worry? → thesissss writing why does it have to be such a PAIN?

027. Orange or Apple Juice? → OJ, AJ love'em both
028. Night or Day? → nite owl
029. Sun or Moon? → full moon
030. TV or Internet? → internet
031. PlayStation or XBox? → wii looks cute but then again im not into games so neither..
032. Kiss or Hug? → warm hugs and lil kisses..
033. Iguana or Turtle? → i like dogs better :D
034. Spider or Bee? → neither!
035. Fall or Spring? → AUTUMN in NYC :D KANGENNNNNNN..
036. Limewire or iTunes? → limewire
037. Soccer or Baseball? → dont care at all..

038. First surgery → wisdom tooth removal..
039. First piercing → ears..
040. First best friend → maria?
041. First Sport? → for crying out loud :D
042. First award → i forgot what do kids usually win?
043. First crush → Josh Hartnett, still is..
044. First pet → hamsters, then puppie, then a fish and recently a rabbit, they all managed to die, disappear, or forgotten *bad pet owner haha*
045. First big vacation → euro tour when i was months old..
046. First big birthday → 1st bday, i was running a fever though..

047. Eating → nothing yet..
048. Drinking → nothing yet..
049. I'm about to → eat my brekkie, shower and run on SKRIPSI full speed..
050. Listening to → the wind swoooshing on my window..
051. Singing? → whatever is up..
052. Typing? → well i can lick the keyboard dumbass..
053. Waiting for → yudisium!

054. Want kids? → someday yes..
055. When? → when that someday happens haha..
056. Want to get married? → someday too..
057. When? → when that particular someday happens, then we can get to point 55..
058. Where Do You Want To Live? → as i grown older i became attached to spiced cuisines and since indo food is the best, i'll stick around here, i think..
059. Careers in mind → housewife..
060. What Did You Want To Be When You Were Little? → from a unicorn to a mermaid, anything was possible at that time :D
061. Mellow Future Or Wild? → i've grown mellow as time comes..
062. Something You Would Never Try? → jumping off an airplane in a parachute, it just doesn't make sense to me AT ALL, why'd the hell would u put yourself in such grave danger?

063. Lips or eyes → eyes
064. Shorter or taller? → taller..
065. Romantic or spontaneous → romantic..
066. Nice stomach or nice arms → how about nice personality..
067. Sensitive or loud → sensitive to my needs..
068. Hook-up or relationship → relationship..
069. Trouble maker or hesitant → ihh mati aja lo!
070. Hugging or Kissing? → both..
071. Tan Skinned or Light? → i don't care if he's white, yellow, dark, heck i'd love him if he was purple..
072. Dark or Light Hair? → dark..
073. Muscular or Normal? → built will be nice..

074. Lost glasses/contacts → no..
075. Ran away from home → no..
076. Held a gun/knife for self defense? → nope..
077. Killed somebody → no, just common roaches haha..
078. Broken someone's heart → maybe i dunno..
079. Been arrested → no..
080. Cried when someone died → no..
081. Kissed A Stranger? → YUCK..
082. Climbed Up A Tree? → yes when i was still light and feathery..
083. Liked A Friend As More Than A Friend? → ended up dating him..

084. Yourself → working on that..
085. Miracles → yes..
086. Love at first sight → in hollywood movies, maybe..
087. Heaven → and hell too yes..
088. Santa Claus → NO..
089. Kiss on the first date → no, that's not what nice girls do..

090. Is there one person you want to be with right now → yes..
091. Do You Like Someone? → yes..
092. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → at the moment no, i wish i had more control..
093. Do you believe in God → absolutely..

094. Recieved/Sent Text Message → forgot..
095. Received Call → toko pandawa lima..
096. Call Made? → hasp last 1 am in the morning haha..
097. Comment On MySpace? → fb is the shizz..
098. Missed Call? → rendhy..
099. Person You Hung out With? → fh-ers last nite..

100. Post as 100 truths and tag




i haven't written a while..
i'm brokenhearted *sigh*

i wanted to graduate so bad this january..
maybe i didn't put in that much effort to do so..
or maybe my life is just so plain complicated..
or maybe i'm born so effin' slow?

i dunno..

so i've known i wasn't going to graduate 4.5 years..
i'm doing it the 5 years way..

how does that make me feel?
retarded? for sure..
ashamed? definitely..
dumb? AS HELL..

this whole skripsi-sidang thing for me is nothing more than a persyaratan lulus kuliah..
i'm not taking it as my grand final masterpiece in law school..
because i'm not proud of it..

like there's anything to be proud of?

when i do hopefully (must!) graduate later this july..
it won't be like a 'yeah!' feeling but more like well 'yes this should have happened sooner'..

i'm seriously tired of beating myself up, dragging myself down..
it's making me feel like i'm anything less than..
and I'M NOT..