Sushi Tei

it's one of those days where all the sickness creep up tp you because:
a) you didn't have enough sleep
b) you haven't eaten the correct meal

c) you have been whooping your ass up during the week
d) all of the above..

well on my case it's all of the above..
i have been taking care of the father this past 10 days, so i have been lacking of sleep like totally..
i usually get 8 hours or 8 hours shy of sleep
and it's my routine, people can say i'm such a wuss or baby needing 8 hours of sleep, but that's just how my body demands it sooo..whaddyagonnado?
plus i have so many shizz due that week which includes the very stress prone COMPREHENSION TEST and one midterm on monday..
and all during those times i didn't eat right, well i live of sederhana, nuggets, telor and all express deliveries

so monday after the father left, tuesday morning i felt a sore throat..
got through the day with english comprehension test just fine, shocked by the demand of chapter one by next week (GULP!)..
after that i went grocery shoppin
g in carrefour, bought my sick needs:
- 2 papan stop cold
- 6 uc 1000 yang orange
- 10 cans of bear brand milk

by tuesday evening, i had no
voice whatsoever!!
hasp got c
oncerned promised to visit the next day, and he did..
i was kinda feverish during tuesday, but during wednesday i was fineee..
sakit manja kata hasp haha "kalo ada aku aja ga anget"
went to plaza indo beli breadtalk and i wanted sushi teii so bad..

phoenix roll, tsukimi ramen

i ate tsukimi ramen, drank plenty of hot green tea since it was a free flow..
hasp ate phoenix roll and my bro ate tsukimi ramen, beef katsu and rice..
the phoenix roll is the bomb!
it's my favorite aside from crispy roll..
the tsukimi ramen was plenty i didn't even finish mine..

then we went home and i felt a lot better..
atleast i got my voice back :D

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