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kena tag dari si ncillo katanya disuruh:
# Each blogger must post these rules.
# Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
# Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their ten things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.
# Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog.

Sandra's 10 random facts/habits:

1. I will never leave home without makeup. Call me an addict but there's just something so self conscious facing the cruel world out there (wooo lebay!) without something that is covering my face..I'm not into dempul, hardcore looking makeup, I'm into the au naturale :) so at least I must have some powder, mascara and lip balm..

2. My face is a dead giveaway of who my father is. kalo reunion angkatan temen2 kerja ayah, para om2 itu suka dateng ke tempat anak2 dan ngeliat perkembangan anak temen2nya..biasanya sih sambil checking out anaknya sendiri, abis itu mulai nanya "ini anaknya siapa yaaa?" but in my case langsung di skip dengan pernyataan "oh anaknya si pohan"..I don't look like a shemale khan people?

3. I self-taught myself baking. I had three months to kill before the semester started and oh dearie me forgot to apply for summer classes (emangnya ada summer? ahah)..so I was stuck mostly at home (I couldn't possibly go out everyday) and I was bored beyond my skull..It started at Hasp crita his mom baking macaroni schotel, to me buying my mini oven, then Martha Stewart and Nigella video happened and now I can differentiate vanilla essense, vanilla extract and vanilla powder :)

4. I have the shortest attention span. I can only do forty-five minutes to an hour and thirty (if it is that interesting/important) of paying attention in class..More than that, I yawn, I eat gum, I talk to the person next to me..

5. I have the tendencies of picking anything blue. I don't know if this makes me odd as hell but I will pick something blue out of the whole bunch just because it's blue..Blue is my favoritest color btw ;)

6. I'm a hopeless romantic. The notebook is my favorite movie, I believe there is that one person for you and love really does make the world go around..I love being in love, to be loved and loving another..That's excessive use of the word love so NEXT..!!

7. I like to arrange then rearranging things. When something really bothers me, I rearrange something in my room..and when I'm bored I move my whole room around..I'm a neat freak :D

8. I can't drive but have a license. I believe that driving isn't for everyone, like me for example I'm the type of person who has trouble merging my body to drive a car..I will panic when a motorcycle pass me by, pedestrians trying to cross and God forbid a metromini/kopaja/busses/angkots is somewhere near me..DRIVING KILLS PEOPLE!

9. I <3>It started with a poster boy crush (yes I still have him semi-naked on the beach in my room above my bed ahaha), then it grew into aaa..whachamacallit? a dedicated fan? not really, it's not like i collect his pictures or watch all of his movies? nor do i know every single detail, like when is his bday, what's his mom's name type of fan..I just really like him :)

10. I'm a natural born masseuse. I've been massaging my dad since I was 3..all I did was walk on his back..then as I grew older I became better at it..two of my friends, one a strained pinky, another a strained ankle were healed by me..now Hasp's is so into my back rubs and in return I get a foot rub haha..

now in the spirit of tagging people, i tag alida, baskoro
, denia, dinna, gisca, khiko, qory, sisanya suka2 lo deh yaaaa..

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