Urban Kitchen and Sour Sally (lagi!)

l-r: febri, alida, sha, yuleha mj

today i followed my BFF's (yulia aka yulio aka yuleha aka mbe) reunion with her classmates (IPA F) in Senayan City..
my BFF is in a science class (IPA) while i'm in a social class (IPS) during high school, but nevertheless those so called differences was never a problem to make frends *ya iyalah masa gitu aja jadi masalah*..
and ternyata si ari anaknya pak agus, eh cape deh it's a small world after all..
we went to eat in urban kitchen, i ordered cheesy chicken by hot pepper..

cheesy chicken, medium twist with nata de coco and peach

the chicken is grilled so it's very juicy and there's melted cheese on top..
the side dish is mashed potato with sou
r cream on top instead of gravy and toasted bread plus some veggies..

for dessert we ate SOUR SALLY ofcourse ;)

pic by yulia: sha-ari-febri-alida

small cup, medium cup, small cup&napkin paper

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