Blue Cuppies, Sushi Groove and Starbucks..

vanilla cuppies, vanilla and strawberry cuppies *ncill how do u rotate this? hahaha*

yesterday one of my oldest friend, fie came for a short visit..
dari jauh2 hari she asked for cuppies..
dan spesifik pula mintanya vanilla, blue frosting and lotsa sprinkles..

so i made her two batches..
one vanilla, recipe is
here and the second strawberry, recipe is here

licking the blue frosting, fie and her cuppies

we were a foursome called ourselves the DJOHYANI (after our last names DJumala, pOHan, hidaYAt, helwaNI)..
we basically grew up together, kept in touch during all those years even though we were separated by continents and sometimes countries :)
we met up in grand indonesia..

l-r: keu, fie, sha, re

we ate at Sushi Groove..

i love unagi roll

i just ordered i love unagi roll, since i do love unagi, but i find the sushi in sushi groove less yummy than the ones in sushi tei..

and then after taking lotsa pics with keu and re, keu got picked up by her family..
the remainders of djohyani chilled at starbucks..
i ordered mocha jelly frappucino, since it's new on the menu..

mocha jelly frappucino, us :)

i find it yucky, i don't know somehow the blend of jelly and mocha doesn't somehow mix very well..
alas i finished the drink but stayed off the jelly :/

so djohyanis until december ya :P

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