Annie The Musical

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when you reminisce back to your early years-your childhood..
what do you remember?
hmm those memories are precious eh?
just thinking about those days will make your heart giddy :)

my childhood consist of many happy things..
i was born the eldest out of four kids but i happen to be the only girl..
by the time i was born my daddy was 33, having a dad who has been wanting a kid for a while means he spoiled me like crazy..
nevertheless that's how i became my daddy's girl..

those first three years were :) well up until my brother was born though..
i talked first before i could walk, so i was a chitty chatty kid..
and since i was so attached to my nanny, my dad found ways to distract me from her by having me watch movies on tv..
he'd borrow movies from british or american embassies and have them transferred..

i believe i had enough kiddie movies to last me a life time..
but this one movie called Annie stuck to me the longest..
this was my breakfast movie, i'd watch it everyday until i was in elementary school..
and i'd SCREAM every time during the helicopter chasing scene..

Annie is a musical/movie about an orphaned child, living in an orphanage, where Ms. Hannigan constantly abuses them..
During Christmas time, to make himself look good in the media, this billionaire a.k.a. Mr. Warbucks decided to invite one orphaned child to spend Christmas with him..
Annie got the chance and cold Mr. Warbucks fell in love with Annie..
He wanted to adopt her but Annie insist that her parents are still alive..
The $1.000.000 search for Annie's parents was on and evil Ms. Hannigan and her brother faked being Annie's parents..
Soon after Annie was taken into her fake parents' custody, they realize they have been lied to..
And there was this chasing scene with the police, the helicopter that used to make me scream..
Then Annie was saved and found out that her parents had died earlier..
Finally she agreed being Mr. Warbucks' daughter and at the same time Mr. Warbucks proposed to his faithful secretary..
They live happily ever after..

there's two version of Annie that I've seen so far..
First is the movie Annie the Musical like the poster up there..
and second the Disney remake that I have on bootleg DVD hehe..
but the Disney version just doesn't cut it..

the video for the song tomorrow is here

"The sun'll come out tomorrow bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun!
Just thinkin' about tomorrow clears away the cobwebs, and the sorrow 'til there's none!
When I'm stuck with a day that's gray, and lonely, I just stick out my chin and Grin, and say, Oh!
The sun'll come out tomorrow so ya gotta hang on 'til tomorrow come what may..
Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya Tomorrow!
You're always a day away!" (Tomorrow-Annie The Musical)

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