Wendy's and 2nd bite

what is it about baked potato?
is it the potato itself or the topping that gives it flavor?

me and baked potato go way back..
i remember one cold winter day i was accompanying my mom in Times Square..
it was FREEZING and lunch time came..

now everyone in this world must have felt hunger sometime in their life..
but being hungry is a cold winter state is different..
you get so hungry that your stomach growls so loud and if you don't fill your stomach ASAP you start to tremble..
this is what my mom calls "laper PANIK!!", because honestly at that state you'll feel like grabbing food out of people's hand *hyperbol haha*

so there i was hungry and whiny, which is a bad combination our of my characters :D
suddenly walking by there was this stand on a car selling baked potato..
i remember it being $ 3.50, i ordered baked potato with chilly..
baked potatonya bener2 freshly baked dan ukurannya gede banget secara potato amerika..
trus masih dibungkus pake aluminium foil and they just pour chilly on top panas2..
hmmmmmmmmmmmm it was yummy..

i no longer feel the hunger during winter time since there is no winter time here *DUH*..
but the craving for baked potato comes once in a while..
and today was the day..
the only place that sells decent baked potato is Wendy's, i usually order the one with chilly but i didn't feel like it today..
so i ordered brocolli and cheese instead and the biggest frosty as a dessert..

baked potato brocolli and cheese, chocolate frosty

oh yes my cdma is back, i picked it up today in pacific place..
they didn't charge me anything since masih ada garansinya..
i put it in last saturday and today is friday so 6 days service?
not bad Nokia, not bad..

trus my bro wanted to buy a new cdma, so we went to itc kuningan/ambassador mall..
and there was this bread store, bakery specializing in bread has been quite popular here because of the Bread Talk histeria..
2nd bite is one of it, it claims no preservatives..

turtle blueberry bread

i bought the turtle blueberry bread because the shape was cute..
it reminded me of the spider peanut bread that bread talk has..
for Rp 7.000 it tasted like CRAP..
biasa banget, cuman bread trus dalemnya blueberry jam yg murah gitu..
i know it's those cheap kinds because i actually go to toko bahan kue to buy my baking supplies and they have cheap blueberry jams exactly like this one..
so my message is to stick my Bread Talk obviously they know how to make bread unlike some bakery jadi2an cuman ngikutin trend..

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