arisan #2

review makanan lagiii :D

so yesterday my college peer group aka the BUNDOs had a mini reunion by having a monthly arisan..
arisan sounds so ibu2 no?
hahah but that's the only way we can get together at least once a month..
since most of my friends had already graduated and some already have a job, trying to be in one place at one time is so complicated..
agreeing to be in one place is a whole new issue separate from the issue above :)

why #2 because i couldn't make it to the first one since i was with hasp and he has a thing of not wanting to attend all girls functions..
tauk lah what's wrong with u bang??

we met up in tebet, near bloop there's this new place like a mini kemang food fest, there's roti bakar edi and other food counters not so famous by names..
i ate..

spaghetti carbonara

the spaghetti costs only Rp 21.000 which is like half of the price of any creamy pasta dishes so i know to not expect
instead it was more rasa telor, jadi yang jual tuh instead of using cream and cheese pakenya telor..
well it wasn't bad but not exactly carbonara yaaa..

and i drank..

sop buah with mango puree

the sop buah is a bunch of fruits guava, mango, strawberry, marquisa, apple, pear, avocado and others that i might not have mentioned..
then you get to choose the juice, my friend chose strawberry and it was too sweet but i'm glad i chose mine as mango..
cuz they put thick puree mango inste
ad of juice so it was yummy..
no sweetness from sugar whatsoever..

then we moved to bebek ginyo..
my friends ordered from there, i didn't since i got full from my spaghetti carbonara and my sop buah..
bebek ginyo sells one of the best tasting ducks..
cooking ducks is like cooking sheep, you must know the correct trick and tips otherwise it's not gonna smell so pleasant..

sistemnya self service, so you pick your own plate and everything else and ring it up to the cashier..
there's two variety of rice to choose from plain or nasi uduk..
and lots of variety of ducks to choose from crispy, fried, sambal ijo, gulai, etc..
the side dish is an optional salad and cucumber..

for drinks they provide es teh, es jeruk, cendol and so much more..
in conclusion this restaurant rocks your empty hungry stomach :)
and i got the arisan while talking to hasp on the phone..
baby you're my lucky charm *mwach*

l-r: citra b.l, edith n.a, sandra ajah :)

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