Warung Tenda Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

there's this place in mangga besar..
it's only open in the evening after maghrib, this one block sells makanan medan..
called kuch kuch hota hai..

why the indian film as the name of the warung tenda?
because the owner is a indian decent medan guy :)
he runs the place with his son..

and how do i know all this?
well my grandma is from medan, and that guy used to be neighbors with my grandma..
everybody knows everyone in medan/siantar as it seems haha..

the menu is very much medan food, dari roti cane, roti jala, kari ayam, kari kambing mie rebus medan, es campur medan, teh tarik, markisa, terong belanda..
the food is definitely for hard core spice fan, i grew up eating medan food in the first place so kari must be kental and medok bumbunya..

that one little block screams MEDAN..
heck you'll feel like you're in medan since all the vendors are medan people..
you won't be called 'mbak' in here but 'kak' :)

there's also es krim medan (pake roti-red), durian medan..
roti (the bread is different teksturnya agak kaya kapas, jadi ringan gitu) + srikaya medan..
apalagi ya? BANYAK DEH..

mie rebus medan, es campur medan

roti cane, kari kambing

as an appetizer me and hasp makan sate kerang 5 tusuk..
then i ordered roti cane with kari kambing..
hasp and my bro ordered mie rebus medan..

mie rebus medan is something like mie aceh, but not exactly like it..
bentuk mienya kaya spaghetti gitu..
the kari was WOW yummy, if you've been to gampoeng aceh in bandung..
well it's the same, thick and very well spiced..

as a dessert pesen es campur medan..
and i bought ketan srikaya pandan plus some bread and selai srikaya for hasp's mom who has been really kind sending me food as always :)

update 12/10..
kata hasp: rotinya abis, selainya tinggal setengah jar..
ENAK POL katanya :)


DwD said...

jadi pgn nyobain masakkan medan.

SaSHa said...

oh yes it's a must for indo food lovers :)