Nelayan, Bakerz In

nelayan menu

kemaren sama ayah and his delegates makan di restoran nelayan, manggala wanabakti.. it's a chinese seafood restorant..
pertama dikasih udang, trus sea cucumber
+ mushroom + sawi, trus ikan digoreng saos asem manis, trus chicken, trus this crocket thing yg isinya udang sama pisang, trus kepiting and saosnya which you eat it with bread, trus brocolli and bakso ikan akhirnya for dessert onde-onde and coconut milk with watermelon and melon..
onde-ondenya enakkk bgt, the filling is not ordinary kacang ijo deh kayaknya :)

today i met up with my bestiest, temenin dia nyari kado for her bf's bday..
trus we had lunch in bakerzin, plaza indonesia..
because she's about to have her braces wired, i suggested that she eat..

smoked beef penne, linguni in mushroom cream sauce

we usually order smoked beef penne because it's yummy!!
it's really hard to find restaurants who can cook creamy sauce without being too much..
and bakerzin is one of them ;)
the linguini was hmm okay creamy but the mushroom was yucky..

iced lychee tea, lavender violet lime italian soda

i have a thing with italian soda, i like the soda because it's not too gassy..
and they always have cute flavors..
irresistable :)
yulia aka yuleha aka mbe aka yulio aka whatever-i-decide-to-call-her hehe always order iced lychee tea..
she has a thing for lychee i think hehe..

braces pre-wired, wiring process

after that i went shopping got my sandals in charles & keith and my caffeine fix in starbucks (i've had 6 hours of sleep these past few days, taking care of the daddy)..
i accompanied her to get her braces wired in rs thamrin..
i picked the color periwinkle blue and gray for her rubbers since she can be so INDECISIVE most of the time..
come to think of it, it matches her shirt haha..

then we went to itc kuningan..
we bought gossip girls dvd season 2 (guilty pleasure!) and i got this cute top that look pregnant-ish to cover the stomach and hip area haha..
then i sent her home with happy birthday candles and chocolates oleh-oleh dari poland..

busy.busy.busy day :)

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