"i will eat u if u take one more pic" says hasp, hasp's shot of me :)

my cdma celly is #*&$#@*%^, it won't work!!
every time i try to make a call, the celly shuts off and on again..
i had to take it to nokia center and the closest one to where i live, is in pacific place (and senayan city)..
i'll write some more on nokia's customer
service later on when i get that call on monday ok?

in the mean while, to mend my broken heart of a broken celly (which never ever happens to me before in my whole history of owning a cellphone!)
i kinda pushed hasp to eat in Pancious..

well people have been trying the one in permata hijau and more people had been trying the one in pacific place since the place is more accessible (and familiar!) to most :)
call me the curious one..

smoked beef, mango pancake

french fries

iced cappucino, ice mint tea

the pancake? i can't say it's anything special because you can make your own with pillsbury pancake mix for Rp 40rb-ish a box, available in carrefour, sogo food hall and other cool supermarkets..
how do i know?
because i have the pancake mix and i'm seriously telling you that it taste the same!!
even hasp said that "ini mah kaya pancake kamu di rumah"..

pic from here

he ordered smoked beef because he's not into sweets and since i'm into sweets i ordered the mango pancake..
the fries was yummy and they give u PLENTY of fries, enough to stuff your face..

the drinks?
well hasp's iced cappucino was fattening haha, they put a scoop of vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce all over in that drink but it was good..
i ordered the ice mint tea because of the red dot next to it (kata menunya kalo ada tanda red dot means favorite) and it was YUCKY to the limit of the meaning of the word YUCKY..
so it's tea and they put chopped mint leaves in it, jadi pas nyeruput keikut tuh daun2 mintnya, ewwwwww..
and just looking at the pic of ice mint tea it looks like minuman halloween bertema rawa2 ga sih?


alidz said...

hah serius lo san? harus dicoba kalo gitu! yang gw tau yang merek pondan tapi, yang lo maksud tu beneran ada di carrefour?

btw, silakan di link. dengan senang hati, tapi gw belum sempet naro link sapa2, jadi link baliknya kapan2 aja yaaa, hehehe.

SaSHa said...

iya tuh dah gw update beserta foto pancake mixnya..
di carrefour ada kok..
org gw belinya disitu :)
coba deh lid rasanya sama!!

Baskoro said...

Hmm, foto2nya menggoda selera...laper! hehe