Yogen Fruz

in the spirit of being addicted to fro-yo..
i decided to give Yogen Fruz a try (again)..
dulu udah pernah nyoba si, tapi dulu bener sama anggi yang rasa leci+strawberry..
so yesterday me, hasp and my bro ke plaza indo..
i bought a medium cup rasa strawberry dan kiwi..
bedanya sama sour sally, yogen fruz tuh toppingnya diblender langsung ke dalam yogurtnya..
kalo sour sally khan ditaro diatas yogurtnya bener2 sebagai topping..
well compared to sour sally, yogen fruz has a rougher texture, i think that's because of the fruit topping is frozen hence the texture (kecampur es khan)..
the taste itself is yumful :) cuman ya itu karena diblender jadinya agak2 bau mesin gitu fro-yo nya..
the fruit topping isn't drowned in syrup so there's no additional sweetness in your fro-yo just pure yogurt tang..
the price? Rp. 25.000 for a medium cup..
my bro tried the blueberry smoothie and the taste was pretty good as well, but don't expect a haagen dasz or baskin robin's kind of smoothie yang sangat milky and sweet ya..
this is an all natural, minimun calories, no additional sweetners kind of cool treat :)
for more info go to www.yogenfruz.com

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