my affair with baking

people might wonder why a girl like me (oh those lovely labels attached to me) like to bake?
why bother to bake when you can buy right?

my affair with baking started off in junior high school..
during my senior year i decided to take a cooking class all to avoid ART CLASS..
what's wrong with art?
well my teacher which i had during the 7th and 8th grade, Mrs. Hans was MEAN, she made sure we all bought the correct art supply, criticized our sketches, nevertheless she killed my artistic side!!
i am oh so very glad i found out sooner (than later!) that i had no art skill whatsoever :)

my teacher in cooking class (i seriously forgot her name!) was nice, the only homework we all had to do was rewrite the recipe in a notebook..
the class was fun, we get to bring our 'results' home (well actually they all were gone by the time we hit homeroom, diminta2in bo!)
well out of cooking and baking altogether, i liked baking more because i get to decorate..
you see underneath this 22 years old body, there's still a 5 years old inside :)

but actually during that time, i was a dumb baker (GOBLOG TO THE MAX), everything i made from scratch failed HAHA..
sampe cookies beku yg tinggal dipotong trus panggang aja GOSONG..

those were the days..

i got to revive my baking days because of HASP, sometime in may he mentioned that his mom made macaroni schotel, i asked if he had an oven..
he said that his mom had the little one, the size of a microwave..
i didn't believe him at first until i checked out the mini oven section in carrefour and there it was my BABY i bought it right away because the price seemed pretty reasonable..

HASP has been really supportive testing my cooking and baking, so far he has just once mocked my failed french macaroons as EMPING *nyebelin lo gendud*
but other than that he's one happy client..

i've been his cookie supplier for a while now, yesterday he ran out of cookies and minta yg ada pisangnya..
so i made him some banana chocolate chip cookies, i got the recipe from here..

"Still i wonder why it is I don't argue like this with anyone but you.." (Corrine Bailey Rae - Like a Star)


DwD said...

waa cant wait to taste those cookies! i've bought the hershey choc chip and sis said that she's gonna give it to you later, then in returns, she'll get the fresh-from-the-oven cookies :P

SaSHa said...

wah siapa yg ngajarin tuh ngasih chocolate chips, in return dikasih chocolate chip cookies?
pasti si maya kuntet deh!!