Hungry Girl & Eat, Pray and Love

yesterday i bought these two books in Toko Gunung Agung..


Hungry Girl is a recipe book but unlike other recipe book, this one's motto is to "have your cake, eat your pizza, your nachos and still fit into your jeans!"

Basically it still encourages you to eat but with moderate amounts of calories..
The reason I bought this book is because I really want to start eating healthy, I realize that my body is my temple and there is no going back once the damage has been done..
Since I'm in control of the grocery shopping, why not control what I eat at the same time right?

Oh the one thing that I don't agree in eating low-fat, lean meat, sugar-free stuff or anything natural that has gone through a process to lessened its calories/fat/whatever!!
I mean who are you kidding?
You can fake the taste in your mouth but your body will know that it's not the real thing so once your body is breaking it down and realizes that it doesn't contain all the right amount of fat/calories, it's going to crave more of that substance and in the long run that's going to ruin your digestive system *ini menurut kesimpulan gw dari yg gw baca2 di reader's digest, feel free to disagree or have other opinions instead HECK IT'S A FREE COUNTRY*
So if you want to eat it but don't want the whole calories then fine get a bite or two, but if you're that scared of the calories then don't eat it at all..
But also read this: "Whipped Cream Catastrophe - That big, scary squirt of whipped cream can add as much as 130 calories and 12 grams of fat to your drink. What a silly idea that is!" *pantesan Nicole Richie kalo beli Starbucks ga pernah pake whipped cream, SOKTAUTINGKATTINGGI.com*
Jadi harusnya agak mikir donk kalo mesen frap pas ditanya "pake whipped cream ga mbak?" jawabnya apa yaaaaaaaaaa? hahahah..

Let's move on to the next book, shall we?


I bought this book because I saw the author in an episode of Oprah..
It's Elizabeth Gilbert's journey throughtout three countries: Italy, India and Indonesia..
She was 30ish, married now trying to have a baby, lived in a big house, ya intinya hidup dia ya the portayal of a happy 30-ish years old deh..
But for quite sometimes at 3 AM she'd sob on her bathroom floor, dalam hati kecilnya dia tau she doesn't want to be married anymore, she doesn't want to have a baby, she doesn't even want to live in her big house anymore..
BINGUNG KHAN? masak have it all tapi ga mau?
Then she started praying dan hatinya mulai bersuara..
She went through a nasty divorce *ngebahas pembagian harta gono gini melulu*, malahan dalam proses perceraiannya she had an affair tapi itu pun ga berlangsung lama..
Trus dia akhirnya ke Italy kenapa? Because she wanted to learn Italian, jadi dia mulai dengerin kata hatinya..
Trus ke India, karena pasangan affairnya *apakah ini istilah yang tepat san?* punya guru spriitual dan ternyata si guru spiritualnya itu punya ashram di India..
Because she's in need of a desperate amount of spirituality, ke sana lah dia..
Terakhir Indonesia, ke Bali *ya iyalah kalo ke Jakarta mah bukannya malah complete journey dia, malahan adanya malah tambah amburadul!!* she's a writer in a magazine and she had this task of visiting a ninth-generation medicine man..
Trus si medicine man ini named Ketut Liyer, baca tangannya bilang beberapa fakta yang benar tentang hidupnya trus he said that she should stay in Bali for three or four months even stay with his family..
That way they can both benefit from each other, Elizabeth bisa nemuin apalah itu yg missing dari hidupnya, dan medicine man bisa punya temen to practice English with..
and when she last expected it, di Bali dia menemukan CINTA *co cwiit, beginilah mbaca review buku/pelemnya Sandra, there must be a love lesson/morale squeezed in there somewhere, I'm a hopeless romantic ya'll :)*

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