fill in the _____

I'm tired of: unnecessary nagging
I am listening to: NOTHING
Maybe I should: study more and complain less
I wish: my mini thesis was asexual so it would do itself
Chocolate is: DELISH, one is never enough!
I have lost my respect for: dry, bitter, rustic people
Last ate: nasgor
The meaning of my display name is: err my nickname
Someday: i'm gonna paint the world in rainbow colors, thru the things that comes from my heart
Love is: weird, i still don't get what it is
My Space is: private, cozy, childish yet soothing in a sentimental way :)
Yesterday: i hit heikhal so many times i public :P
Tomorrow: i have to apply for my comprehension test
Are you wearing pajamas? oh just the bottoms
Last beverage? water
Last phone call? when i just woke up i called hasp
Last time you cried? lupita
Lost someone close? insya allah not in the near future
List 2 favorite colors: baby blue and ash gray
Made a new friend? yes baking is my new friend nowadays
Fallen out of love? once upon a time, but i plan to drown in my puddle of love now he
Laughed until you almost cried? no
Met someone who changed your life? insya allah
Is there something you want to tell someone? MYOB
What's the most interesting thing that happened to you today? i lost my voice this morning couldn't even say hello
Whats your favorite number? 8
What is your current mood? cheery
Last people you hung out with? abang heikhal jelek gendud
whats the color of the shirt your wearing? blue green
Who's car were you in last? mine
What color is your hair? pitch black
If you could have one thing right now what would it be? a tough wall within me ready to face whatever is trying to hit me
When is your birthday? may 23rd 1986
How do you feel about your hair right now? i blow dried it straight yesterday for the sake of good ol' times hehe
What are you excited about? COMPRE
How is your life? fulfilled and content

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