Laskar Pelangi

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this afternoon, me and my bros watched Laskar Pelangi di Blitz Megaplex, Mall of Indonesia (new mall in Kelapa Gading people!!)..
tumben nonton di Blitz khan?
hehe this is an exceptional case because well this movie is adapted from a book, which has been a bestseller and i heard that it's going to be translated into a foreign language..
so i kinda hoped it will be GOOD..
the cast playing in this movie are senior actors whom undoubtedly has talents unlike artis jadi2an lainnnya (siluman kali san!)

the reason i wanted to watch in Blitz was the popcorn, i heard they had big portion size of popcorn but since i'm fasting *sigh* there was no way i can eat a popcorn..
the movie itself is very touchy i cried on some scenes *abis terhuraaaaaaaaa*, which makes my good deed for fasting uncounted for khan jadinya?
well Allah knows best =)

overall i'm very proud of this movie, not only it's originally pure Indonesian (the book, the movie, the cast) but also the storyline attached to it..
the moral of this movie is to value education because it allows you to dare to dream big, no matter how small your reality is..

oh ya buku ini dan tokoh2nya sempet ada di kick andy, ada 6 bagian kalo di youtube..
here1, here2, here3, here4, here5, and here6..

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