Pet Society

my current addiction..
i play this game everyday, to get more money so i can buy all those cute stuff..
i have 148 friends so far..
you make coins by visiting..
20 coins for the first 50 visits, 10 coins for the next 25 visits and 5 coins after..
you can also make coins by petting and washing other people's pet as you visit..
also by winning on the hurdle race (10 race per day @30 coins if you win)..
since i am that crazy i have 10.000 coins but i'm only saving them throughout the week for monday..
in pet society there are shops which allows you to buy furniture, food, clothes, gadgets and other fun stuff..
usually there's new stuff every monday, so that's when i blow my money..
then i continue to save for the rest of the week :)
don't worry this game won't keep you awake 24/7, for me the most time it took me to make all the coins is just 1.5 hours..
so no you won't see me glued to the computah playing pet society..

what's your addiction?

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