Masak Seru Bareng Si Tukang Masak

i got this book in TGA kwitang..
what made me interested in this book is that the recipes are mostly for anak kosan/orang yg tinggal di apartment..
so it's all basically a menu for two..
and since it's for the busy people in the city, all menus are practical and easy to make..
most ingredients you'll be able to buy in the nearest supermarkets..
the recipes are EASY..
i mean if i can do it *i have no basic background in the kitchen WHATSOEVER*, i bet you can..
i tried the oseng buncis and it turned out gooooooddd..
will be trying the muntahu anak kos recipe soon *coz i bought the ingredients already*
the book doesn't cost that much and you get a vcd with it..


nadZ said...

hai sha, gue juga beli buku ini...beliin buat adik gue sih, biar dia lebih "tertarik" untuk masak, hahaha...pas banget semua resep-resepnya untuk yang anak kos atau yang lagi belajar masak...
sukses untuk resep-resep selanjutnya ya =)

SaSHa said...

thank u nadz..
baru nyoba oseng buncis sama muntahu anak kos doank..
a success i must say..
makasih ya dah mampir ke blog gw :)
nice meeting u..