disaat semua orang tergila-gila sama blackberry..

this is what i've been wanting since junior high..
dulu pas di NY udah pernah minta sama ibu, well it is attractive with all of its colors khan?
but i guess she took my plea as a "keinginan-anak-smp-yg-sementara"
who would've thought that the dream of owning a BLUE kitchenaid still lives ey?

when i went to Titan to buy my cupcakes supply, i saw the kitchenaid info on the window..
so i said look mom, beli donk! (the mixer that i'm using right now, is my aunt's and she's heading back to jkt soon, so i gotta part with it HIXXX)
then she asked me how much it cost..
dengan sok taunya i said "dulu seinget aku $100 deh.." (padahal mana pernah kitchen aid stand mixer semurah itu heeheheh)
pas nanya ke mbak2 titan, she said it cost Rp. 5JT..
mahal aja loh buat mixer lucu warna warni..

tak putus asa i asked my mom if she'd get it for me abroad..
since there are more discounts and sometimes things are more reasonably priced over there..
turns out it's $800 abroad..
ahahahah lebih mahal gilingaaann!!

i'm the type of kid who earns nice things, i don't just get to them out of the blue..
for example..
my cellphone? it was because i got into FHUI, then when i wanted to trade it for another one, i had to use most of my own money but i did ask my dad to chip in a little..
my laptop? because it's necessary for school work..
my bags? MY MOM CUTS MY ALLOWANCE IN HALF for the bags i want..

so getting this mixer for not earning anything is like a WHAAAATTTT?
but i'm glad :) i promise to take care of it everyday of my life mommy :)

the colors to chose from..
so many choices hmmmmmmmmmm..

i think i want this one :)
the website
said that this color is available..

now i must look for the best price *sigh*
i'll get back to you on that one..


Anonymous said...

Gue mendukung orang yang melawan arus untuk tidak tergoda membeli Blackberry, San :-)

SaSHa said...

hahah kalo gw personally belum butuh blackberry *belum dalam arti God knows sapa tau 6 bulan lagi gw jadi org penting gila jadi harus terus bisa dihubungin*