New Stuff :D

this is what i managed to pick up the last 2 months or so..
i love love love make up so yeah it SHOWS :)

an eyebrow/eyelash scissor comb, i say it's a must if you have thick brows like me..
you don't want to go bushy and look a character of sesame street right?
this scissor has a comb attached to it so makes it easier to control the length of hair that you're cutting, almost like giving your brows/lash a trim..
i got this in seibu, grand indo for Rp. 30K-ish, in baby blue of course :D

while searching for the eyebrow/eyelash scissor comb, i stumbled across this product..
which is a mask to cover the eye when you apply mascara..
lucu yaa orang jepang emang inovatif!

i got curious on trying on maybelline's newest mascara, unstoppable curly extension..
i didn't quite like it, it smudges, clumps..
my mom says that it makes my lashes look like SAPU hahaha..
but it's easy to remove since it's not waterproof..

NYX eye/eyebrow pencil in sapphire
i stumbled across this brand in EX..
i have read from some reviews that it's almost like MAC without the $$$..
so i gave it a try and looked around..
in the website it cost around $4, but in here it cost Rp. 45K..

nyx eyebrow powder in gray/black..
since the eye area is the center of my face, i need a lot to make it look better *make up junkie beralasan :D*
oh yeah i checked the website and it should cost $4 but in here they charged us Rp. 75K..

body shop lip/cheek stain
i wanted to buy this coz i've tried on anggi's..
it applies and dries nicely..
gives you a healthy red lips without looking vampire-ish..
and it applies on your cheeks too for that healthy glow..

maybelline watershine pure in 318 nudie mocha
i finally found 'the lipstick'..
for a very very long time i kept thinking that lipsticks are not for me..
why? because i have thick lips..
any color i wear will stand out from 1 km *lebay mode: on*
the reason why i said it's 'the lipstick'..
because it's my lip color so it makes me look like i am wearing lipstick without that obvious omg-you're-wearing-lipstick look *get it? NO?! DEAL WITH IT!*


DwD said...

ah jadi pengen beli yang body shop lip stain itu. klo di jkt harganya berapa emgnya?

SaSHa said...

Rp. 120k dek..
u know nothing comes cheap in here..
pengen beli concealernya dehhh, ini kantong mata feat. under eye circle semakin parah semenjak skripsiiii huhuhuh..