Broken Makeup

have you ever broken your makeup?
like a compa
ct powder? eyeshadow? powder blush?

well i just did..
and it happened to be my blush..

i remember saving quite of my allowance for my blush..
because it was kinda pricey and i hate it go wasted just because it's broken..

so i googled broken powder and i found this website..
this is what you can do to your broken makeup..

What You Need:
1. Toothpick to mix the powder with alcohol..
2. Alcohol 75& of substance (i used alcohol ika 70%)..
3. Saran wrap or knife to smooth the top..

so this is what happens when you rush in the morning and drop your powder blush :(
i remember my red rupiahs flying off the window *ahaha lebay*

this is how it looks like after you add DROPS of alcohol to the broken powder blush, remember less is better, your don't want to over do it..
mix it until it looks like a paste..

VOILA, smooth top (well almost!), let it dry naturally..
*i tried to dry it with hair dryer to speed up the drying process but i stopped in the fear of CRACKS*

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