Te Sate

today me and my bros (yg di bandung pulang lagi!) makan di te sate, plaza senayan..
i read a few reviews about this place and one of my dear friend actually recommended this place nevertheless i got curious..
if you're not really into indonesian food when it comes to eating out, this is not your option..
te sate is a restaurant that serves only indonesian cuisine..

this restaurant is so cool, at first when you see the entrance, you'd think that it's small..
but that turns out to be the smoking area..
the non-smoking area is located behind the smoking area buttt you'd have to pass this white futuristic hall and there's this white decorated door that opens *poof* kayak di pelem2 gitu haha (norak mode: ON)
and the decoration is awesome..

the table piece

the table piece is a glass of water filled with jasmine..
you can't smell the scent but if you put your nose close enough baru kecium baunya..
creepy and pretty at the same time haha!

lime lemongrass tea, mango ginger tea and strawberry mix

for drinks my bro ordered lime lemongrass tea which is iced tea with lemongrass flavor and scent, plus lime cut in small sizes..
my drink is mango ginger tea, the ginger is very dominant in this iced tea and the mango gives it a mellow tang taste..
my other bro ordered strawberry mix which is more like a strawberry puree with soda and ice..

sate ayam madura, sate kambing

my brothers ordered sate ayam madura and sate kambing..
rice is not included in this meal, so you'd have to order separately..
the sate is served in a hot plate with coal underneath it to keep it warm..
the sate ayam is served with peanut sauce and the sate kambing with sweet soy sauce..
one meal consist of 6 tusuk sate, you'd think that's not plenty..
but the meat size of the sate is quite grand i'm telling you..
the sate was good, the meat tender and juicy..

white rice, tempat tusuk sate

this is the white rice, ordered separately..
also they provide you with this cup for your tusuk sate..
neat ey?

me eating: nasi goreng buntut bumbu belacan

left-right: kerupuk 3 macem, nasi goreng buntut bumbu belacan, kuah sup buntut

i ate nasi goreng bumbu belacan, i didn't know it was going to look like but it has a recommended sign next to it on the menu..
oh btw the menu is cute, i didn't take pic of it abis ada mas2nya, MALU!!
the menu is attached to half of kipas sate..
back to where i was, sooo when the mas2 brought me my food, i didn't know it was going to be a tray long..
the nasi goreng buntut bumbu belacan is served with 3 types of kerupuk yaitu: kerupuk udang, emping and kerupuk beras and kuah sup buntut..
the rice didn't look plenty butt i was fooled by the bowl/plate they served it in..
it tasted yummy and i of course didn't finish my meal..
left to two piranhas hehe..


pulangnya nyoba coldrock ice creamery, which tasted BLAH!
enakan cold stone kemana-mana deh!
and sour sally yg ada di FX..
tempatnya lebih pewe daripada yang di SenCy..
trus lagi promo 15% off or get a cute bag, for Rp 50k or above purchase sampe dengan 12 desember 08..


dinnasabriani said...

Sandra, nasi goreng buntut bumbu belacannya emang juara bangettt! kalo gw nyobain hot chocolate nya, beda dari yang lain!! Manteplah. Dark chocolate nya masih berupa serutan waktu disajikan. Rasanya juga perfecto!

SaSHa said...

iya din enak BE GE TE..
kmrn ga nyobain dessert soalnya takut kecewa gitu..
lagian emang gw demennya sour sally buat dessert hehe..
ntar deh kapan2 kalo dah berduit lagi mam di te sate..