Pisa Cafe

the garden scene with angelic statues, xmas tree

tadi siang makan di pisa cafe menteng, sebrang theresia dan sarinah..
that's how the cafe looks like..
the outdoor part of the cafe has a garden feel..
since xmas is near there's also a xmas tree..

the coffee menu

pisa cafe also has assorted coffee menu..
made fresh from sumatran coffee beans..
i tried a few before..
and they were goood..

fruit punch, orange juice, lime squash

for drinks we ordered fruit punch for my bro..
orange juice for hekalomania..
lime squash for me..

modelling my lime squash, the funny looking bricks..

in the mean while waiting for the food to come..
i took some pics of the cafe, like the garden, xmas tree..
modelled for my own drink hehe..
then hasp asked me to take a pic of the bricks..
because it's funny looking..
jadi nonjol jeda2 satu..
katanya the pic will be useful to show to the tukang when we build our house..
haha suka aneh emang dia!

mozarella in carozza, lasagna

fettucine alfredo, spaghetti carbonara

then our food came yey!
our appetizer is mozarella in carozza..
considering i haven't eaten breakfast and it's late in the afternoon, i had a reason to pig out hehe..

mozarella in carozza is fried bread with smoked beef and mozarella, this is a definite winner (apa karena laper?), the bread was crunchy and the mozarella gooey :)
hasp ordered lasagna, which is very very good and fattening, with all that cheese inside it must be..
i ordered fettucine alfredo, my fave pasta at all time :D
and my bro ordered spaghetti carbonara..


for dessert i ordered one cup of gelato..
consisting of azzuro which is sweet mint and oreo..
pisa cafe is also well known for its gelato, cheaper than gellatisimo but still very delish AHA :)

the happy go lucky couple :)

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